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empire of the sun – will they do it again?

who does not remember the synthpop song which ruled the charts during the summer 2008 from the australian duo. ‘we are the people’ kind of exploded on the charts and visually the video set a different kind of a standard. now empire of the sun is back about to rock the charts even harder. their [...]

depeche mode – after four years of waiting

since the 80’s depeche mode made their impact on the music scene, they have been inspiring musicians around the world and they became an icon in the synthpop hall of fame. know after four years of their last album they are back with a brand new album with a slighter different sound. it has a [...]

chvrches – a promising band for 2013

chvrches are one of the promising synthpop bands of 2013 immerging from scotland who already grabbed the attention of bbc’s  sound of 2013. they music is seriously well put together and the vocals of lauren mayberry are just a perfect dreamy overlay as on the track ‘recover’ which you can find on the “recover – [...]

hurts – back with their second album

the british synthpop due hurts are out of the studio and have released their second album with their typical soft rock sonthpop mix signature, it is very easy to listen to and will defiantly grab a few more fans in to their ban as with their first single of the album:

charli xcx – putting all together

charlotte aitchison, much better known by her stage name charli xcx, seems to have music pulsing through her veins. she has been making music since her earlier childhood and had her first album out at the young age of fourteen. this gamble paid off and now she is well established in the rave scene in [...]

tegan and sara – the twins are coming

the canadian twins tegan and sara are coming back with a spanking new album which will be released in 2013. but the singles which they already have out are excellent and are creating already quiet a big buzz around them, the new album feels already with this two single bigger / larger / popier than [...]

twin shadow – between two world

george lewis jr. is actually better known by his stage name twin shadow. he kind of lives between two worlds of music synthpop / new wave which are worked over in the studio and his simple live performance where his pure fragile voice is accompanied by just a guitar as on a live gig on [...]

dragonette – flash back of the 70s

dragonette is a synthpop band from toronto (canada) which is not easy to be put into a genre in the electro world, their music has a very strong feel of the 70s towards it but you will hear surprisingly a few newer upbeat elements in it as well which seems it is mixed into the [...]

sky ferreira – dreamy pop

she is a young artist who had been already as young child into music by singing gospel songs in church. sky ferreira kept on learning and refined her voice by taking opera lessons which deffinatly paid off. her voice is dreamy and power full at the same time and merges with the electro pop into [...]

pet shop boys – doing that what they now best

since the ‘80s neil tenant and chris lowle have been influencing the synthpop scene as pet shop boys. historical have been influencing their music and their keen interest in arts and design have made an impact in their music videos as well as on their live sets. throughout the years they have stayed true to [...]

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