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laura mvula – smooth jazz blended with soul

laura mvula is one of the voices to look out for from the british island, after being shortlisted at the 2013 brit awards and nominated for the bbc’s sound of 2013. she brings some new wind into the jazz and soul with her smooth voice and will be gathering friend and fans alike around her [...]

robin thicke – a new classic track

robin thicke is a sunny boy from california and this reflects in his music hip hop style. with his new track featuring t.i. and pharrell williams he storms up the charts around the globe. the track has already a kind of classic hip hop tune towards it and will hook itself into your eardrums with [...]

lorde – hip and upcoming

once more we have been looking around the depth of the internet to check different countries and we found one very promising young  artist from new zealand. lorde is or will be one of the hippest upcoming musicians in 2013, she has already a nice little fan base in new zealand and for sure she [...]

brian mcknight – not an unwritten paper

brian mcknight has been around the business for a little while and is widely recognised as one of the strongest talents in the adult urban contemporary r&b genre. besides been nominated for different awards throughout the year,  at the ‘soul train awards’ was awardes as the best r&ab / soul male album and as the [...]

the mowgli’s – sun soul and a bit of pop rock

this five child hood friends from california are the mowgli’s, they have a bit of the 70s feel to them by mashing up the  pop / rock / folk and a bit of soul all together and bring a feel good feeling onto the scene. just last year they have released their ep “love’s not [...]

skylar grey – here we go for a warm up

skylar grey is a young music artist who is playing around with the folk rock, hip hop and soul mashing it up a bit with pop. her latest single featuring eminem, of her upcoming album, is pushing it into a complete new direction and she is exploring the hip hop scene a little bit more. [...]

aaradhna – with a bit of soul a long way

aaradhnaben jayantilal patel is better known by her shortened stage name aaradhna, she is a young new zealand soul musician with a hint of pop and r&b. her light husky voice makes the music sexy and smooth and she shows it on her just released third studio album:

barbara moleko – danish pop and soul

barbara moleko is a young danish musician who finds her home in the soul and pop. with her debut album out she shows us that the music does not know any borders, her retro approach to the soul is extremely catchy and draws you in even though her lyrics are in danish. all this does [...]

leslie clio – a hidden secret

a young blond blue eyed girl from hamburg (germany) named leslie clio is a very well hidden secret of the soul and jazz world. not a lot is known of her but besides of her fabulous voice writes her own songs and brings her own style towards this kind of genre, she stays with the [...]

solange – great things will happen

solange piaget knowls is better known by her shortened and simple stage name soloange, she is the younger sister of beyoncé and it is just natural that she is finding her spot in the music world. the main think what would you be on your mind would be if she would more go into the [...]

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