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alunageorge – a promising duo

the duo alunageorge are one of the promising eletrconic pop hip hop band from england who had been nominated for the 2013 brit award and bbc’s sound of 2013. their debut album will only be released in july but ere is already a climbs what to expect with their first single “attracting flies”.

sierra noble – from fiddle to singing

sierra noble is a young gifted and promising canadian musician. she started off with the fiddle and moved on to singing in 2008, with her soft style of folk pop and a bit of a twist off country. now she has released her brand new easy going single:

colette carr – half way there

after her discovery in 2009, colette carr is working away on her debut album since 2012, now it is already half way there and it looks that she will release the album in four ep parts and later on this year she will release a combined work of all four parts. but in the mean [...]

duel – two french man doing their thing

the two guys from paris (france), known as duel, are pushing harder into the synt pop with their latest ep “vertiges #1” which works very well. it is a bit dreamy besides of the last track on the ep. does it work … yes it does and we are waiting for an album in 2013 [...]

kodaline – an album in final stages

last year the dublin (ireland) based alternative rock band kodaline had released last year their ep “the kodaline ep” with their fabulous song ‘all i want’ which we were lucky enough to catch live last year in dublin at the academy in october last year. already there we knew that they are something special with [...]

cn blue – k-pop with a bit of rock

this four korean lads are cn blue and have already caused a bit of a stir in the asian pop charts and have released several mini albums in the asian market. their power rock pop is quiet catching and will be drawing the non korean speakers into their spell, as with their song ‘i’m sorry’ [...]

conor maynard – going global

conor maynard is a young talented pop artist from england. with his first album “contrast”, which he has released last year in europe with which he was able to make an impressive impact on the charts. now he has released the album on the american market and it starts to take a nice chart position [...]

skylar grey – here we go for a warm up

skylar grey is a young music artist who is playing around with the folk rock, hip hop and soul mashing it up a bit with pop. her latest single featuring eminem, of her upcoming album, is pushing it into a complete new direction and she is exploring the hip hop scene a little bit more. [...]

tristan prettyman – simple and beautiful

tristan prettyman is an acoustic musician from surf county san diego (california), where she found her love to music in her mid teens. her music is simple, innocent and underlined with her fragile voice. she has already a nice little fan base and have been on the road with the script on their fall tour [...]

rita ora – as expected

rita ora had been one of the young artist emerging onto the r&b / dance scene this summer who had been from the beginning very promising. yes she did deliver in 2012, when she enters onto the stage you can feel the tension building. she knows clearly her way in the music and her first [...]

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