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onerepublic – here we go again

each time when onerepublic puts out an album it seems to steer up the charts around the world a little bit. with their fresh new album ‘native’ is already happening, they have made already a nice impression in dutch and irish charts though the album is just about 1 week out. the album has a [...]

dale and the zdubs – fresh and new at the horizon

here is a fresh new band from dc-maryland who are just grabbing you with their exiting jam funk reggae rock mix. dale and the zdubs have currently, yes indeed still there and checked, their five track ep free for download by following this “link”. once you have checked them out you will be more than [...]

wire – bring it on ‘old school’

here is a band who has been experimenting with rock since the 70’s and now wire just put out their new album “change becomes us”, which is going back and digging  into history with their sound and songs themselves. it is for sure and excellent proper old school punk album.

local natives – a second album out now

the local natives are back with a superb new album which just hit the shelfs. they have been staying true to their indie pop rock mix with the feel good sunny influence as on their previous album. they are defiantly worth checking out if they pop by your neighbourhood:

neil young – with crazy horse

neil young has touch and influenced mostly all genre in the rock world and now he is back with an epic double pack of an album. it is the second album where he had been working together with crazy horse and there is nothing big to say about it just that you do not want [...]

jake bugg – young and ambitious

jake bugg is a young singer from nottingham (england) who is just about to get a bit on attention in england and europe. he recently has released his first self title album and his ep “two fingers” is a nice introduction of himself into his own take of the folk with a little twist of [...]

two door cinema club – hitting the charts with their second album

this three lads from northern ireland and rocking the charts not just europe wide but as well gobal wide. their first album splashed onto the scene in 2010 and got great reviews and acknowledgement from the industry. with this in their pocked they were able to ventured out and grab their fans by their hand. [...]

kylie minogue – the small australien with her soft voice

kylie minogue is one of this super stars from down under who is reinventing herself over the years again and again very successfully. now she is about to release her new album `the abbey road session´, she has already let us climbs at it alittle bit, with her dreamy soft voice. check out the first [...]

the script – the dubs are back

the script is a small pop alternative rock band from dublin (ireland) who are popping up again and again in the charts with great songs. staying true to their two year rhythm of album releases they ware back with their forthcoming third album which will be released next month. but we were not able to [...]

green day – the punk rock is coming

green day is back with three new albums in the making and they are about to finish them off. the first album of the series will be out this september and the first single “oh love” has already this nice grungy punk rock feel towards it and we are looking forwards to the three albums [...]

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