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jones apollo – a climbs into the music

this four lads from dublin are coming each with their own history of music together and are jones apollo. their indie approach towards the music has a bit of basking towards it but it makes is genuine, touchable and full of live. with their brand new single out they are already gathering fans around them and [...]

villagers – are delivering

conor o’brein formed the irish indie folk band villagers just four years ago, they had been one of the promising bands in 2010 when they released their first album “becoming a jackle”, now they have released their follow up album which is kicks in a gear higher:

the cast of cheers – raw and easy

the four lads from sligo/dublin (ireland) are the indie rock band the cast of cheers. they already impressed europe and the critics with their first album two years back and with their second album “family” they once more hit spot just right. their music is a mix of raw indie rock with a polished finish.

neil byrne – smooth pop

neil byrne is a one of the talented musician from ireland who had been playing in his earlier years with several band in ireland as well as been a member of pop funk group hipple street. in 2007 he joined the successful adult contemporary soft rock group celtic thunder with whom he is travelling the [...]

the overtones – a boy band across the boards

this five boys originating from ireland, australia and england are the overtones, they are not your average modern pop boy band, they bring the old smooth class into the pop. with their second album “higher” on the shelf they are steering up the music world a little bit and are opening up a new chapter [...]

two door cinema club – hitting the charts with their second album

this three lads from northern ireland and rocking the charts not just europe wide but as well gobal wide. their first album splashed onto the scene in 2010 and got great reviews and acknowledgement from the industry. with this in their pocked they were able to ventured out and grab their fans by their hand. [...]

storyfold – up and coming

storyfold is an upcoming indie rock / pop band from ireland who already have a good following and they are already exploding on the irish charts. this is a band to watch out for in the next year at a few indie festivals or even at bigger once on the indie stages. in the mean [...]

jet set radio – rising out of the ashes

this is an interesting irish band which a friend stumble over, jet set radio is a young band who came to light due to several failed projects. but this bunch of young once did not crumble, as the phoenix they raise of the ashes and an interesting alternative pop/rock band has formed with a little [...]

james vincent mcmorrow – so much heart

james vincent mcmorrow was playing in his young years as a drummer in a few post-hardcore rock bands, but even he liked to be in background in a band he decided to take a chance as a solo artist. as you can see and hear he did the right choice, his songs are full of [...]

lisa hannigan – good feeling for the spring time

lisa hannigan is one of the irish solo artist who brings the this kind of raw fun and free spirit on to the stage. her live performances are full of good feeling energy and the time just flies by and you leave in a well spirited form the evening, as in “what’ll i do”: but [...]

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