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die toten hosen – 30 years and still pure punk

die toten hosen are the front band of german punk rock. since 1982 they are making unconventional, pure, honest music. they brought the punk to germany with german lyrics and proofed yes it is not just music it is a life philosophy. one of their signature is the raw music which is not over produced [...]

leslie clio – a hidden secret

a young blond blue eyed girl from hamburg (germany) named leslie clio is a very well hidden secret of the soul and jazz world. not a lot is known of her but besides of her fabulous voice writes her own songs and brings her own style towards this kind of genre, she stays with the [...]

lena – a new sound of her

lena meyer-landrut or better know by her first name lena has come a long way. she kicked up the dust during the eurovision song contest in 2010 with her song “satellite” with her unconventional and shy style, with which she won the contest. since than she had been working away and she has grown from [...]

seeed – with an ease through the day

berlin (germany) is the birthplace of the reggae group seeed, they are one f the most notable reggae band who is spilling over the german border. their music is breathtaking and are just putting you into a chilled mud. they consist of eleven members who are coming from various corners of the world and influence [...]

kilians – raw dirty garage rock

the kilians formed loosely out of mad bunch of students in 2005 in dinslaken (germany) and they are a proper classic garage rock band. at the beginning they have been touring a little in germany and 2006 with the help of red bull they played several guerrilla gigs on few camp sites at various music [...]

chima – unexpected easy

his routs are from nigeria and is home is in frankfurt (germany), chima has this unexpected easy going coolness about himself. his style is going between urban pop and alternative pop with borrowing a few soul elements, which makes his music unique. his lyrics are quiet philosophical and have some deep thoughts in them, but [...]

oceana – in the grasp of football

oceana is a singer songwriter from the cult city hamburg (germany), with her musical roots in soul and hip hop / funk with a healthy influence of reggae she has a kind of fun vibe in her music which leaves you with a lifting up humour for the day as in her album “love supply”. [...]

kraftklub – an excellent merge

as a result of being on the stage together at the splash festival 2009 (germany) the german rapper felix kummer and the indie rock band neon blocks went into the studio together and during the merge of this two different antities kraftklub had been the result which is taking over the charts in germany. they [...]

nneka – so much soul and life

nneka is a nigerian-german artist who grew up in nigeria and moved later in her life to hamburg (germany) to finish her studies and keep on doing that what she loved, singing. she is well recognised in europe and is just on the breakthrough boarder to come out onto the world stage. in her songs [...]

philipp poisel – a young man with a bit of pop and soul

philipp poisel is a young german musician who is quiet well known in the german speaking countries, though he sings in german his songs are very touching due to the innocence and fragility in his voice at the time being he has 2 albums out:

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