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maître gims – kicking it solo

the congo born rapper gandhi djuna, or better known by his stage name maître gims, is about to kick off his solo carrier with his upcoming solo album. his style is a kind of suttle french rap with his underlining power full voice. so we shall wait for his album and will be enjoying his [...]

daft punk – mix of funk

the parisian duo are back with a great track mixing up the funk featuring pharrell williams on their single “get lucky” which had a nice beachy summery feel towards the song.

oxmo puccino – a blend between amrican and french hip hop

oxmo puccino is originating from mali and had been drawn towards hip hop since his youth and started to collaborate in his early twenties with varies french rap / hip hop artists. his own style is good jam between the old american hip hop style with the french parisen hip hop flair:

woodkid – not just a gifted director

yoann lemoine is a already known as a muisc video director who tackles the videos of the artist in a different why and catches the music perfectly in the videos as the four videos we have picked: 2012 drake ft. rihanna "take care" 2011 lana del rey "born to die" 2011 the shoes "wastin time" [...]

skip the use – the new sound of french rock

the french rock band skip the use are most likely one of ‘the’ band from france which will hop over the boarders of the european union. they are already fairly successful in france, germany, hungary and as well over in the new the world canada. their music is defiantly influence from the brit rock but [...]

phoenix – out of the ashes we came

the four lads from versailles (france) phoenix are back, they have been absence for four years of the charts, but now the alternative french rock is back with their soft touch and feel good music. they are just about to put the final touches to their new album ‘bankrupt!’ which will be out in april. [...]

duel – two french man doing their thing

the two guys from paris (france), known as duel, are pushing harder into the synt pop with their latest ep “vertiges #1” which works very well. it is a bit dreamy besides of the last track on the ep. does it work … yes it does and we are waiting for an album in 2013 [...]

baden baden – this is not about the town in germany

this three parisian (france) guys are the band baden baden which is taken the name of the german spa town. they are not your typical french band they do sing in french but as well in english. their music is easy going folk rock / alternative rock overlaid with some electronica. already two years ago [...]

shaka ponk – ready to be shocked and have fun

shaka ponk is a french electro rock band if you want to describe them in a quick way, but they are not your typical one, the lyrics are normally a mixture between english, french and spanish. the music style is actually heavy influenced by rock ‘n roll elements, dirty guitar riffs, grungy punk, funky rock [...]

c2c – taking on the charts

the four french lads (20syl, greem, atom and pfel) are c2c and spinning the table since 1998, they have been already extremely successful during competitions wining four times in the row the disco mix club world team dj championship (2003-2006) and as individual artist they have claimed their ground in the dj world. now they have [...]

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