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dale and the zdubs – fresh and new at the horizon

here is a fresh new band from dc-maryland who are just grabbing you with their exiting jam funk reggae rock mix. dale and the zdubs have currently, yes indeed still there and checked, their five track ep free for download by following this “link”. once you have checked them out you will be more than [...]

duel – two french man doing their thing

the two guys from paris (france), known as duel, are pushing harder into the synt pop with their latest ep “vertiges #1” which works very well. it is a bit dreamy besides of the last track on the ep. does it work … yes it does and we are waiting for an album in 2013 [...]

little green cars – as seen in 2011

as we have seen them in 2011 live in dublin (ireland) we knew little green cars have something special about them. their alternative rock style is bold, catchy and refreshing. with their official video out of “the john wayne” they are about to rock the 200k which is well deserved: the good news of amazon [...]

the other tribe – just a good vibe

“indie music which you can dance to would” is a good description and music style of the other tribe, they are coming from bristol (england) and they tackle the music in an almost sexual dirty vibe which grabs you by surprise and brings the dancer out in you. their music is just a feel good [...]

trails and ways – surfacing

free download trails and ways are a californian based dream pop quartet, they have a small fan base at the moment but with their latest tune “mtn tune” they made waves and grabbing the bloggers attention. the tune is just easy to listen to and we are waiting for an album to surface soon.

the weeknd – singing with reality in mind

abel tesfaye is the creative mind behind the weeknd, he is an inspiring canadian artist who is going at the time his independent way he came to the scene in 2010 and had been recognised by the music industry in 2011 by being a nominee for the 2011 polaris music prize for the time he [...]

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