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john grant – going strong

john grant is currently finishing off is second album ‘pale green ghosts’ which will see the international light of day in may, but the first single “gmf” is already here and ready to be enjoyed:

the mowgli’s – sun soul and a bit of pop rock

this five child hood friends from california are the mowgli’s, they have a bit of the 70s feel to them by mashing up the  pop / rock / folk and a bit of soul all together and bring a feel good feeling onto the scene. just last year they have released their ep “love’s not [...]

sierra noble – from fiddle to singing

sierra noble is a young gifted and promising canadian musician. she started off with the fiddle and moved on to singing in 2008, with her soft style of folk pop and a bit of a twist off country. now she has released her brand new easy going single:

aura dione – not just a typical girl

maria louise jønsen or better known by her stage name aura dione is an interesting artist from danmark. she is not a typical girl which has her roots in just a country, with an ethnic mixed background and free spirited parents she was able to take in the world of music of different parts of [...]

jake bugg – young and ambitious

jake bugg is a young singer from nottingham (england) who is just about to get a bit on attention in england and europe. he recently has released his first self title album and his ep “two fingers” is a nice introduction of himself into his own take of the folk with a little twist of [...]

gabrielle aplin – reached out with youtube

about four years ago a young girl from bath (england) made an impact on youtube by a covering ‘my heart’ by american rock band paramour. since then the young girl grow up and gabrielle aplin had been using youtube as her platform to reach out to her fans and followers. with her resent release of [...]

kyla la grange – young and making her way

kyla la grange is a young musician from waterford (england) who is emerging into the scene just this year. she is a very promising folk rock artist who has released her debut album “ashes” were she not only proofs that she can sing but that she is a great song writer as well where all [...]

jesse & joy – brother and sister joined forces

the siblings from mexico city are the pop due jesse & joy who are quite successful in the latin based america. now with their new and very emotional single ‘a de la mala’ they are springing over the continents and hopefully into the pop charts worldwide. if we are lucky they even might start touring [...]

ben howard – just easy to listen to

ben howard is a young and talented singer songwriter from london (england), we stumbled over him just by chance, since he is just about to come out with his debut album “every kingdom” which had been released just last year. his songs go right under the skin and you just want to listen to them [...]

ed sheeran – with a lot of shades

ed sheeran is a young musician from england who had his well deserved breakthrough last year. with his debut album he shows his skill of understanding the different kind of music styles, jumping in between folk and pop which makes his album extremely enjoyable to listen to. at the moment he is touring heavily around [...]

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