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skip the use – the new sound of french rock

the french rock band skip the use are most likely one of ‘the’ band from france which will hop over the boarders of the european union. they are already fairly successful in france, germany, hungary and as well over in the new the world canada. their music is defiantly influence from the brit rock but [...]

rebecca & fiona – the beat goes on

sweden does it again … the dj duo rebecca & fiona are just about three years on the scene and they are gaining more respect in the scene each time they put out a single. they just mixed “taken over” which is an easy smoother house mix.

whomadewho – with rock and electro they are coming

whomadewho is not your usual indie rock band, the danish band has formed in 2003 and with their different backgrounds and music influences they are fusing rock / electro and dance punk into one harmonic sound. they have been touring the world and extensively europe where they are currently shaking things up. with their newest [...]

caligola – unexpected and without warning

what actually happens once a band seems to collapse, though they are just on a good hype? this happened with the swedish alternative rock band mando diao, they had already a great following and they were making their mark on the charts as with the songs: "dance with somebody" "gloria" though keeping it going, both [...]

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