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daft punk – mix of funk

the parisian duo are back with a great track mixing up the funk featuring pharrell williams on their single “get lucky” which had a nice beachy summery feel towards the song.

bonobo – new elements

bonobo is the stage name of british dj / producer simon green, he has been mixing and producing music for numbers different film, tv and game production. but before all this happened he had been mixing his own music since 1999 and had been releasing his music through the british independent record label ninja tune. [...]

rebecca & fiona – the beat goes on

sweden does it again … the dj duo rebecca & fiona are just about three years on the scene and they are gaining more respect in the scene each time they put out a single. they just mixed “taken over” which is an easy smoother house mix.

armin van buuren – pushing you into the trance

the dutch dj armin van buuren is on the international trance scene since he is 19. he remixed produced and created great tracks since his breakthrough in the mid 90s. now he just turned the tables once more and is back with “waiting for the night” featuring the australian singer and songwriter fiora:

nosaj thing – mixing and experimenting

jason chung is not unknown in the scene but is better known as nosja thing and he is known for his experimental approach and mixing up the different kind of genres. now he is back with a brand new album with good and interesting tracks, kazu makino is lending her vocal skills on the first [...]

otto knows – still climbing the charts

otto jettmann is better known as otto knows and is one of the promising new djs immerging from stockholm (sweden) where he was influenced since his youth by the underground nightclubs scene. now he has the support of the dj community and build up his reputation with them throughout the years. his single “million voices” [...]

disclosure – two brothers turning tables

the two brother from suerrey (england) are disclosure and are turning the tables like the big once already, their finishing touches on the music are just cool and easy. currently the are working on their debut album, and what we can hear from the eps it will be defiantly an epic one and they will [...]

flume – a young ausi is rising

herley streten is one of ‘the’ young rising dj’s / producer from australia and is better known under his alias flume. unbelievable but true he found his way to music through a cereal box where he found a music production program when he was just 13 years old and since then he was not able [...]

draft – easy going electro house from london

liam tallon is actually better known as the electronica music producer draft. he  electro house / electronica mixes  are easy going and not as chaotic and aggressive as other artists in the genre. with his latest ep “theendofthebeginning” he is making a new impact in the scene.

netsky – a funky belgium

boris daenen is a young belgian producer who is much better known under his stage name netsky. he brings a cool funky vibe into the drum and bass scene and does reach his fans over the  boards of europe. with his latest single he pushes once more the envelope of the decks and featuring billie [...]

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