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david lemaitre – he will grab you by surprise

david lemaitre is one of the big surprises this year to hear from in the indie rock / indie folk genre. he originates from la paz (bolivia) and resides currently in berlin (germany). after having travelling around and taking in the music from around the world he found his own personal style which is extremely [...]

woodkid – not just a gifted director

yoann lemoine is a already known as a muisc video director who tackles the videos of the artist in a different why and catches the music perfectly in the videos as the four videos we have picked: 2012 drake ft. rihanna "take care" 2011 lana del rey "born to die" 2011 the shoes "wastin time" [...]

atoms for peace – a new supergroup comes along

atoms for peace is a supergoup which had been brought to live by thom yorke (radiohead) and consists as well of flea (red hot chili peppers) who is on the bass, joey on the drums, brazilian instrumentalist mauro refosco on percussion and radiohead producer nigel godrich on the keyboards and synths. the debut album of [...]

bastille – debut album out now

bastille had been in the early stage a solo project by dan smith but decided to actually form a band. ever since they have drawing attention towards them and after several ep and releases they have finished their debut album “bad blood” which is just hitting the international market.

frank ocean – stepping out of the shadow

frank ocean is one of the young artists who had been living in the shadow as a ghostwriter (such as for john legend, justin bieber and brandy). after receiving a lot of positive criticism and recognition of the industry he is stepped out of the shadow into the light with his debut album showing his [...]

Δ – not just a symbol

the young indie pop quartet from cambridge (england) formed in 2007 had changed their band name three times, now they are known as alt-jwhich is the short cut on a mac keyboard for the greek letter delta `Δ´. as the guitarist / bassist of the group noted “in mathematical equations it’s used to show change” [...]

milo greene – going is and chilled

the indie folk genre has a new little band in their mids, milo greene is a laid back easy going band who just released their debut album. currently they are on the road and are spreading their music throughout north america.

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