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aura dione – not just a typical girl

maria louise jønsen or better known by her stage name aura dione is an interesting artist from danmark. she is not a typical girl which has her roots in just a country, with an ethnic mixed background and free spirited parents she was able to take in the world of music of different parts of [...]

panamah – a little secret from denmark

this young and hip trio from copenhagen (denmark) are like a little well kept secret. their tunes are smooth and easy to listen to. with their first single they had been very successful already in 2010 and now they are back with their new track  which has a little different twist to their electronica style, [...]

whomadewho – with rock and electro they are coming

whomadewho is not your usual indie rock band, the danish band has formed in 2003 and with their different backgrounds and music influences they are fusing rock / electro and dance punk into one harmonic sound. they have been touring the world and extensively europe where they are currently shaking things up. with their newest [...]

the asteroids galaxy tour – the young once are out

the asteroids galaxy tour are not your usual scandinavian pop band with their feisty fresh attitude towards pop and a healthy fusion of psychedelic pop and acid jazz they bring an energy to the table which had not been seen in this combination. the 70s are back with them … just with a kick. with [...]

medina – danish pop not just for a club

recently i came across the danish artist medina, and i thought to myself that i recognised the voice after seeing the video of kl.10 she is very well known in northern europe and worldwide in the club scene, her danish songs are amazing and easy to listen to even if you do not understand danish, [...]

nabiha – a bit of pop and rawness

nabiha is a danish singer and songwriters who is just about to start her carrier, with her raw easy going voice she starts to make an impact in the european charts currently she has 1 album and hopefully we shall see another coming to world market soon

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