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sierra noble – from fiddle to singing

sierra noble is a young gifted and promising canadian musician. she started off with the fiddle and moved on to singing in 2008, with her soft style of folk pop and a bit of a twist off country. now she has released her brand new easy going single:

great lake swimmers – one of the easy going song of 2012

the folk rock band great lake swimmers are already one of the successful bands from canada who are not only gathering fans around the world during their live gigs but have been featured with their music in several soundtracks. with their independent approach toward the music they introduce a lot of heart and thoughts towards the [...]

tegan and sara – the twins are coming

the canadian twins tegan and sara are coming back with a spanking new album which will be released in 2013. but the singles which they already have out are excellent and are creating already quiet a big buzz around them, the new album feels already with this two single bigger / larger / popier than [...]

dragonette – flash back of the 70s

dragonette is a synthpop band from toronto (canada) which is not easy to be put into a genre in the electro world, their music has a very strong feel of the 70s towards it but you will hear surprisingly a few newer upbeat elements in it as well which seems it is mixed into the [...]

alan doyle – away from the celtic roots

alan doyle is venturing into the solo arena and released his first solo album “boy on bridge” which is heavly leaning in the old folk rock style. he is not a stranger in the music industry, since 1993 he is a member of the canadian celtic band `great big sea´ with whom he has toured [...]

neil young – with crazy horse

neil young has touch and influenced mostly all genre in the rock world and now he is back with an epic double pack of an album. it is the second album where he had been working together with crazy horse and there is nothing big to say about it just that you do not want [...]

billy talent – a tough nut

billy talent is an extremely interesting punk rock / alternative rock band from canada who his already around for a good bit but only became more notice after being around for a good decade. now you cannot imagine the scene without them and they have sold out shows stretching over the globe. though their extreme [...]

anjulie – a mix between mia and nelly furtado

what would happen if you would mix the british musician mia with nelly furtado, most likely you would get the canadian artist anjulie. she has a kind of an individual pop style which will grow on you. though she has just one album out currently “anjulie” out which had been released in 2009 she kept [...]

k’naan – coming with an easy going attitude

his big break through worldwide came for him in 2010 with the coco-cola celebration mix of his song “wavin’ flag” which was the promotional anthem for the fifa world cup. k’naan had not the easiest childhood by leving in somalia during the civil war but later in live he moved to canada where he followed [...]

metric – a bit of grunge in new wave

metric is a interesting indie rock / new wave band from canada, they like to experiment with the classical rock and synthesised elements which they do to perfection. with their latest release they incorporated a little bit of dirty grunge into few songs which makes the album stand out a little bit form their previous [...]

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