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deap vally – dirty blues with a new voice

here is a rock duo who will brings new cards to the table of blues / garage rock. deap vally just have released their first ep “get deap” with a sleazy dirty raw rock tune matched with crunchy smoky vocals. the year 2013 will be theirs and they will make a brand new dent toward [...]

black rebel motorcycle club – just being a rocker

with black rebel motorcycle club you kind taste the diesel fume in the air once you put town their new album “spectre at the feast” which is kicking in directly with their usual raw garage blues rock style. they have been working on the album for the last three years and it was defiantly worth [...]

trixie whitley – born in belgium, lives in brooklyn

trixie whitley had been on the road since her childhood with her parents (her father was the famous far too early passed away chris whitley) and the music just kept on coming and played a major role in her life. after releasing several eps over the years under her own name she has finished of [...]

tame impala – kicking it of in 2013

tame impala is a project of the australian musician kevin parker who is playing with the psychedelic rock and dream pop elements mashing them up and throwing in a bit of blues rock. the combination of this different kind of genre makes his music quiet unique and with his latest album he goes both ways [...]

elle alpha – a power full blues pop

elle alpha is the alter ego of songwriter ella stoffers and is one of the dutch bands to look out for in the near future. one of her signatures is her deep power full female voices which makes the earth tremble on top of that the blues rock / pop is exceptional and has won [...]

the rolling stones – still having it

the oldies are back and still heavy rocking, the rolling stones are influencing the music and their fans for over 50 years know and for that they compiled a multi disk anniversary album “grrr!” with a few new track on it as well just show that they are still having the rock in them. with [...]

the sheepdogs – canada has blues

the sheepdogs are a quiet individual blues band from canada who are already successful in canada by have swooping up few wins in several categories in 2011 at the casby awards and 2012 at the juno awards. now with their latest self titled album, which had been produced by the drummer of the black keys [...]

john mayer – clean blues

his background is more in rock music, but john mayer took a chine to the blues in the 90s as well and perfected his art in atlanta where he was able gain a following. besides of being a good rock blues musician his name is known as well in jazz and as well in r&b [...]

alabama shakes – turning it up a nudge

alabama shakes are just 3 years on the scene and they are shaking things up already. the garage rock style with the healthy alabamas blues creates such an easy going vibe where you just wane kick back and listen. their album is pushing hard on the charts and in europe they are on the best [...]

rival sons – a bit of blues in the rock

this guys are something to watch out for, rival sons are an american blues-rock band and have a gringy rock sound underlining their songs: after touring for a little while through england they have jumped over to north europe and will rock the crowed in various countries until april where they will finalise tour in [...]

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