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empire of the sun – will they do it again?

who does not remember the synthpop song which ruled the charts during the summer 2008 from the australian duo. ‘we are the people’ kind of exploded on the charts and visually the video set a different kind of a standard. now empire of the sun is back about to rock the charts even harder. their [...]

tame impala – kicking it of in 2013

tame impala is a project of the australian musician kevin parker who is playing with the psychedelic rock and dream pop elements mashing them up and throwing in a bit of blues rock. the combination of this different kind of genre makes his music quiet unique and with his latest album he goes both ways [...]

atlas genius – surfacing from the ocean

this young australian indie rock band has just surfaced out of the depth of the music ocean. atlas genius has a nice simple slick finish on their debut ep “through the glass” with a tick of synth in it which is just complementing their upbeat arrangements.

flume – a young ausi is rising

herley streten is one of ‘the’ young rising dj’s / producer from australia and is better known under his alias flume. unbelievable but true he found his way to music through a cereal box where he found a music production program when he was just 13 years old and since then he was not able [...]

nadéah – an australian in paris

nadéah is a young spirited australian musician who is currently residing in paris (france). her indie folk / funk  style is quite heavily influence by the french chanson style which is merging into a great tune. with her album “venus gets even” she brings a fresh sound into the stage and is touring currently in [...]

the overtones – a boy band across the boards

this five boys originating from ireland, australia and england are the overtones, they are not your average modern pop boy band, they bring the old smooth class into the pop. with their second album “higher” on the shelf they are steering up the music world a little bit and are opening up a new chapter [...]

kylie minogue – the small australien with her soft voice

kylie minogue is one of this super stars from down under who is reinventing herself over the years again and again very successfully. now she is about to release her new album `the abbey road session´, she has already let us climbs at it alittle bit, with her dreamy soft voice. check out the first [...]

cody simpson – a young start from down under

cody simpson is a young talented musician from down under, his music revolves around the pop and r&b genre. currently he has released one ep which is featuring his sommer feel good song ‘got me good’ with which he is creeping up the charts around the pacific area as well as in the usa.

missy higgins – a smoky voice from down under

missy higgins has one of this female smoky voices which is hard to get out of your head once you heard it. she comes from far down under, melbourne (australia), and is home in the alternative indie / pop-rock genre. it is easy to listen to her, her new album covers songs from smooth to [...]

satellite sky – getting out their into the open

this two siblings from australia are fully out going and touring the globe whenever they have the chance to bring their music closer to their fans. satellite sky take on the alternative / indie rock smooth and has a tick of `the verve´ and `bowie´ in it. besides of being already out there, they are [...]

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