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on a monday night in a jam packed little basement in dublin

last night we have been down in the basement of the international bar (dublin) and checked out the monday echo session. it is basically a cool mix of singers / songwriters and poets performing their works on a small stage ending the night with an open mic. unfortunately we didn’t had the chance to stay [...]

the music pulse will be a bit different

after a little absence of the pulse we will be back with a new and a bit different twist, we will try at least once a month to be at an open mic session in dublin (ireland) and catch the talented music scene here live on camera which will get posted in our youtube channel [...]

dale and the zdubs – fresh and new at the horizon

here is a fresh new band from dc-maryland who are just grabbing you with their exiting jam funk reggae rock mix. dale and the zdubs have currently, yes indeed still there and checked, their five track ep free for download by following this “link”. once you have checked them out you will be more than [...]

jesse cook – drawing from childhood

jesse cook is one of the acoustic guitarist who has married the smooth jazz with flamenco to perfection. it is easy to listen to and makes you to forget about the hectic world out there which we live in. from childhood he had been fascinated by the sounds of the gypsy style guitar tunes. his [...]

tristan prettyman – simple and beautiful

tristan prettyman is an acoustic musician from surf county san diego (california), where she found her love to music in her mid teens. her music is simple, innocent and underlined with her fragile voice. she has already a nice little fan base and have been on the road with the script on their fall tour [...]

rodrigo y gabriela – know out with a band

the duet rodrigo y gabriela originating from mexico, got there big break in dublin (ireland), after playing in pubs and busking in temble bar as well as on grafton street, they had been asked to play at the irish music festival oxegen in 2005. since then they have drawn their fans closer and closer with [...]

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