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shahin najafi – a forbidden artist

shahin najafi is an iranien musician who had to abandon his country because of his critical music. he had been not shy to show his unhappiness and had been head of the underground music band in iran before he immigrated to germany, earlier this year he performed his last live show on stage and since then he had disappear from the spot light because he has received serious deaths threats which had been backed up with huge amount of money.

in the end he is a musician, a revolutionist and a philosopher who is seeking a peaceful coexisting where everyone is treated in the same respectfully way. just recently we bumped over the documentary `the iran job´ where we were pleasantly surprised to hear him in the soundtrack, it proves that a forbidden artist cannot be encaged.

his music style has this kind of extra spice in it, hip hop meets power full easy going beats with spanish flamenco elements. his ballads on the other hand are very smooth and thoughtful with a lot of emotions.

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