this two young directors, daniel kwan and daniel scheinert, are daniels who have actually a background in 3d animation but do not really go with that flow, they are sticking to the real feel and classic post-production of the videos for the music videos.

since 2010 they are working on music videos with most of them in a lower budget spectrum but this did not stop them to take on the challenge and to make good videos. their skills have been recognised not only by music industry but as well as by the creative industry by scooping up the annual dandad professional award 2012 music video for their works on `simple math´ of manchester orchestra.
we selected a few of their works here and hope to see more of them in the next coming years.

the shins
"simple song"

foster the people
"don’t stop (color on the walls)"

"my machines"

manchester orchestra
"simple math"

the hundred in the hands

fm belfast