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barbara moleko – danish pop and soul

barbara moleko is a young danish musician who finds her home in the soul and pop. with her debut album out she shows us that the music does not know any borders, her retro approach to the soul is extremely catchy and draws you in even though her lyrics are in danish. all this does [...]

shahin najafi – a forbidden artist

shahin najafi is an iranien musician who had to abandon his country because of his critical music. he had been not shy to show his unhappiness and had been head of the underground music band in iran before he immigrated to germany, earlier this year he performed his last live show on stage and since [...]

psy – just pure fun

psy is the stage name of the south korean k-pop / dance pop musician park jea-sang. he is a funny and very passionate artist, braking the roles of traditional k-pop with brining in controversial elements into the lyrics with the result that he had to pay a fine in south korea for ‘inapproriate content’ for [...]

k’naan – coming with an easy going attitude

his big break through worldwide came for him in 2010 with the coco-cola celebration mix of his song “wavin’ flag” which was the promotional anthem for the fifa world cup. k’naan had not the easiest childhood by leving in somalia during the civil war but later in live he moved to canada where he followed [...]

yuna – going global

yuna is a young malaysian musician who just released her self titled international album and she is ready to go global. as mtv iggy described  her track “live your life” as `polished until it gleams but instead of burying yuna, it lifts her up. the track has hints that a diva is waiting to shine´, [...]

soko – art in a different way

stéphanie sokolinski, or better known by her stage name soko is a young french artist who has her own and different kind of twist on the french indie rock genre. in her early carrier she had been involved in acting and started to find a foot hold in the film industry. as free spirited person [...]

nomfusi – caring the sunshine in her heart

the young girl from kwazibani (south africa) nomfusi and the band the lucky charms are taking on the world with their mix of jazz and pop. though they are coming from difficult circumstances and nomfusi childhood had tragically events with her mum passing away and then shortly her aunt passed away as well who had [...]

boy & bear – at first there was one

dave hosking started off with boy & bear as a solo project but soon has joined forces with dave hosking, jake tarasenko, killian gavin, tim hart and john hart. since then they are making them well known down under and with their take on the music they are defiantly kicking up a little storm and [...]

okean elzy – just by luck

it is still surprising  that you can find time to time by browsing a band which is on the scene for almost 20 years and you never heard of them. okean elzy is one of this bands, they originate from ukraine and had been formed in 1994. they are easy to listen to, though most [...]

lykke li – easy going sounds

lykke li is the stage name of the young swedish singer-songwriter li lykke timotej svensson zachrisson. with her easy approach towards the music and mashing indie rock, pop and electronic styles together she creates easy listening songs with a deep passion in them. since 2009 several songs had been featured in movies and series (as [...]

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