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bon jovi – the classic is back

bon jovi is pure classic rock and do not need a lot of introduction. they had been absence of the studio now for a few years and the last album “the circle” had been released in 2009. but now they are in their final stages of the preparation for their world tour ‘because we can [...]

cienfue – a little bit of latin rock? – yes please

we have been wondering around the internet and came over this interesting alternative rock band with a tick of heavy rock and the latino flair from panama. cienfue have been in the latino music scene for a good six years and you can feel the hot passion in their music which is reflected in their [...]

donald fagen – a living classic

donald fagen is one of the living legends who influenced the smooth rock / jazz since the late 70s after gaining the recognition of the industry with the group steely dan, which he co-founded in the early 70s with walter becker. but he never stopped there and kept on working as well on his solo [...]

the rolling stones – still having it

the oldies are back and still heavy rocking, the rolling stones are influencing the music and their fans for over 50 years know and for that they compiled a multi disk anniversary album “grrr!” with a few new track on it as well just show that they are still having the rock in them. with [...]

the sheepdogs – canada has blues

the sheepdogs are a quiet individual blues band from canada who are already successful in canada by have swooping up few wins in several categories in 2011 at the casby awards and 2012 at the juno awards. now with their latest self titled album, which had been produced by the drummer of the black keys [...]

neil young – with crazy horse

neil young has touch and influenced mostly all genre in the rock world and now he is back with an epic double pack of an album. it is the second album where he had been working together with crazy horse and there is nothing big to say about it just that you do not want [...]

gary clark jr – rock and roll is not dead

with his new album out gary clark jr is giving you the howl package of rock, blues, soul and jazz in one go. the 13 track album is just packed heavily with all the genre of rock and roll music and even with a bit of hip hop. his smooth voice is just melting into [...]

soma – the french a rocking

just stumbled over a good french rock band, soma seemed to be around in france for a little while and their touring mostly in france and europe, though their lyrics are not in french. their rock style has a bit of classic rock towards it but it is a bland of indie rock.

the vaccines – the old style rock is back

this little band from london (england) is coming without a warning to take you on a trip on the proper guitar alternative rock. the vaccines are a band to watch if you can, during their debut tour at a gig in london they had to turn away 200 people due to the sold out gig [...]

little hurricane – dirty blues

little hurricane is a californian blues rock band, which we didn’t came across before. they do have a nice little raw touch towards the blues and this is why they would slide into the dirty blues. their music has a raw and honest baseline and their first studio album “homewrecker” is excellent and we can [...]

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