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dale and the zdubs – fresh and new at the horizon

here is a fresh new band from dc-maryland who are just grabbing you with their exiting jam funk reggae rock mix. dale and the zdubs have currently, yes indeed still there and checked, their five track ep free for download by following this “link”. once you have checked them out you will be more than [...]

seeed – with an ease through the day

berlin (germany) is the birthplace of the reggae group seeed, they are one f the most notable reggae band who is spilling over the german border. their music is breathtaking and are just putting you into a chilled mud. they consist of eleven members who are coming from various corners of the world and influence [...]

matisyahu – tradition meets reggae and rock

matisyahu is a musician who is blending traditional jewish themes with a rock and reggae to an enjoyable extreme. with his fourth album out he has a nice little collection out there, spanning from reggae to alternative rock with a tick of hip hop sneaking in, and it makes you wonder what he has up [...]

k’naan – coming with an easy going attitude

his big break through worldwide came for him in 2010 with the coco-cola celebration mix of his song “wavin’ flag” which was the promotional anthem for the fifa world cup. k’naan had not the easiest childhood by leving in somalia during the civil war but later in live he moved to canada where he followed [...]

sean paul – all about the dedication

sean paul is one of the jamaican musician who do pop up here and there with a nice catchy song with his typical reggae dancehall fusion. on his latest album “tomahawk technique” he dedicated `hold on´ to the jamaican olympic team. though the song is not an official song of the olympics 2012 it defiantly is [...]

no doubt – getting ready for the comeback

no doubt have been away from the scene as one for a little while, due to following their solo project. gwen stefani solo project came out on top with two great albums: "hollaback girl" from the album: love angel music baby "4 in the morning" from the album: the sweet escape tom dumont went in [...]

oceana – in the grasp of football

oceana is a singer songwriter from the cult city hamburg (germany), with her musical roots in soul and hip hop / funk with a healthy influence of reggae she has a kind of fun vibe in her music which leaves you with a lifting up humour for the day as in her album “love supply”. [...]

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