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maître gims – kicking it solo

the congo born rapper gandhi djuna, or better known by his stage name maître gims, is about to kick off his solo carrier with his upcoming solo album. his style is a kind of suttle french rap with his underlining power full voice. so we shall wait for his album and will be enjoying his [...]

a$ap rocky – up rising kid in the hood

his style is not new but a$ap rocky brings a fresh new twist into the hip hop rap gangster genre. you can hear a bit wu-tang, run dmc and buster throughout the songs but he has his own elements and style mixed up into it which he brings forward on his new album “$ap”.

daddy yankee – kicking it urban style

ramón luis ayala rodríguez is not an unknown page in the hip hop / rap scene, but he is better known as daddy yankee. in the early 90’s he mixed up different kind of hip hop and rap styles with a tick of reggae, with this he was one of the early artist developing the [...]

colette carr – half way there

after her discovery in 2009, colette carr is working away on her debut album since 2012, now it is already half way there and it looks that she will release the album in four ep parts and later on this year she will release a combined work of all four parts. but in the mean [...]

tyga – working hard

michael ray nguyen-stevenson or actually better known by his stage name tyga (which is an acronym of thank you god always) is a young rapper who is working hard and has released many mix tapes and claimed his recognition by the industry and as well by the gaming industry. with his first album “carless world: [...]

kendrick lamar – going through the ranks

kendrick lamar is a young american hip hop artist who is a member of the hip hop supergroup `black hippy´ and he had been working as well with the legends like `snoop dogg´and `dr. dre´. with a hugh following already on the internet he is moving through the ranks and his debut album will be [...]

plan b – coming your way with full speed

plan b is an english rapper from east london who is steering up the rapper scene a little bit more than expected. besides of being involved in the music as singer and songwriter he reaches out into the film industry as an actor and director. now he comes out with the full package, `ill manors´ [...]

kraftklub – an excellent merge

as a result of being on the stage together at the splash festival 2009 (germany) the german rapper felix kummer and the indie rock band neon blocks went into the studio together and during the merge of this two different antities kraftklub had been the result which is taking over the charts in germany. they [...]

linkin park – back to the roots

linkin park is one of the iconic bands from the millennium turn and they have gathered since than a great following with a ever growing fan base. they have been experimenting with different kind of music styles and jammed them all together in to one neet little package from alternative metal to alternative rock with [...]

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