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Entries for the ‘producer’ Category

mark ronson – a producer with a good feel

mark ronson is a multitalented musician, dj and producer from london (england) who made his mark as a successful producer in the early 2000. since then he produced albums and songs across the board and what he touches seems to have unique tune in the finish. here is a just a short list of his [...]

the month of awards – grammys, brit awards and the oscars

this month had been award filling and there had been planty of surprises during the ceremonies. so we picked from the 55th annual grammy awards and 33rd brit awards the producer (non classic) of the year and of course we will not forget the oscars either. so we kick off with the grammys, which were [...]

netsky – a funky belgium

boris daenen is a young belgian producer who is much better known under his stage name netsky. he brings a cool funky vibe into the drum and bass scene and does reach his fans over the  boards of europe. with his latest single he pushes once more the envelope of the decks and featuring billie [...]

madeon – shaking up the house

hugo pierre leclercq is better known under his stage name madeon. he is a young promessing dj and producer from nantes (france) who is already making his impression in the progressive house scene in europe as well as on youtube where he is gathering a fairly large following already. with his single “the city” he [...]

alex da kid – unexpected turns

alex da kid is a young producer and song writer from london (england) who had been luckily enough been introduced in his late teens to the digital music editing software fruity loops by a friend which inspired him to follow the bath to study audio technology. since he obtained his degree he had been producing [...]

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