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black rebel motorcycle club – just being a rocker

with black rebel motorcycle club you kind taste the diesel fume in the air once you put town their new album “spectre at the feast” which is kicking in directly with their usual raw garage blues rock style. they have been working on the album for the last three years and it was defiantly worth [...]

yeah yeah yeahs – are you ready to be pushed

the trio from new york are coming with something special in their bag. yeah yeah yeahs have just released their first single “sacrilege” of their upcoming album ‘mosquito’, it has their personal touch of rawness towards it which will push their fans over the edge. we cannot wait to hear more of the new album [...]

two door cinema club – hitting the charts with their second album

this three lads from northern ireland and rocking the charts not just europe wide but as well gobal wide. their first album splashed onto the scene in 2010 and got great reviews and acknowledgement from the industry. with this in their pocked they were able to ventured out and grab their fans by their hand. [...]

the chevin – from a small town in england

with their debut album the chevinare coming with a big bang onto the scene and we cannot wait to see what they will do for the end of this year and for the gigs to come in 2013.

bloc party – we are not done yet

after disappearing from the scene for four years the four lads from london (england) must have thought ‘we are not done yet with creating great music and to share it’. finally bloc party is back with a great album, which is defiantly ready to rock you but will it be as good as the three [...]

maxïmo park – a fresh summer beat

this lads from newcastle (england) are not strangers in the music world with their take on the rock with a typical english twist. maxïmo park fourth album had been recently released and with it they bring a fresh summer beat to the stage. currently they are getting ready for their world tour starting off in [...]

the killers – back with a killing song

it became a little bit silent around them due to being on a well deserved break after touring for a good six years. the killers joined forces again in 2011 and now they are back with a great and typical killer song, which is the first single of their fourth studio album which should be [...]

the temper trap – just right

the australien indie rock band the temper trap have just released their second self-titled album and are hitting just the right note with it. though the album has a melancholic underline towards it, it does not mean that it has only sadness in it. the tracks are all a little different and you will find one [...]

white rabbits – 6 pieces on the menu

white rabbits are a 6 piece indie rock band from the states, which are mixing up the deck a little with their approach towards the music. the live shows are a blast and you will be able to enjoy them soon, they just kicked of their tour in north america and will be popping over [...]

friends – not your regular band

i just stumbled over the band friends, they are just about 1 year around and they do have a nice groovy feeling in the music. the music is almost hypnotic and it grows on you the more you listen to it. this young band, originating from brooklyn, is mixing the alternative rock and post-punk so [...]

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