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the band perry – burning up the charts

the band perry is not your usual country group from the states, the smooth country is getting beefed up with a tick of rock and bluegrass which makes the music stand out from the usual country. with their second album just hitting the shelf it seems that their singles from it is already burning up [...]

onerepublic – here we go again

each time when onerepublic puts out an album it seems to steer up the charts around the world a little bit. with their fresh new album ‘native’ is already happening, they have made already a nice impression in dutch and irish charts though the album is just about 1 week out. the album has a [...]

cn blue – k-pop with a bit of rock

this four korean lads are cn blue and have already caused a bit of a stir in the asian pop charts and have released several mini albums in the asian market. their power rock pop is quiet catching and will be drawing the non korean speakers into their spell, as with their song ‘i’m sorry’ [...]

matchbox twenty – a soft approach

matchbox twenty is one of the pop rock / alternative rock bands who are popping up time to time throughout the years, they have been on the scene now for a good 16 years and you can feel and hear that they have changed their style and their music grow up with them. with a [...]

lifehouse – just a simple pop rock with a bit of grunge

lifehousee has been around for a while already and they were able to grab in 2001 the `hot 100 single of the year´ at the billboard music award. since then they have released a few good albums and now they are back with brand new album “almería” with easy going pop rock songs as in [...]

vrns – mexico city brings the beat

not all the good synthpop is coming from the known western world, here is the counter part from mexico vrns (pronounced vi-er-nes which means friday in spanish). the sound is a perfect clash between electro and pop rock, it is very upbeat with harsh pop rock elements over layered with smooth vocals. just know they [...]

donald fagen – a living classic

donald fagen is one of the living legends who influenced the smooth rock / jazz since the late 70s after gaining the recognition of the industry with the group steely dan, which he co-founded in the early 70s with walter becker. but he never stopped there and kept on working as well on his solo [...]

gin wigmore – folk rock with a bit of swing

gin wigmore is one of the young talented new zealand singers who will bring a brand new fresh beat into the international music scene. her folk rock / pop rock style is fresh and upbeat, she is already fairly successful down under and has recently released the ep “man like that” onto the international marked [...]

skye – just pure music

skye is one of the british pop musicians who has so much passion in her light husky voice which brings you immediately into another level. with her latest album “back to now” she shows us once more her abilities of her switching back and forth between pop rock and electronic downtempo. already with the more [...]

mika – growing up

mika always had been out going, loud and shocking which does make him outstanding with his fun non judgemental music. he had been swapping up the fans with his last two albums and since the last three years he was working on is third album which has a more serious feel towards it, but no [...]

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