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Entries for the ‘jazz’ Category

laura mvula – smooth jazz blended with soul

laura mvula is one of the voices to look out for from the british island, after being shortlisted at the 2013 brit awards and nominated for the bbc’s sound of 2013. she brings some new wind into the jazz and soul with her smooth voice and will be gathering friend and fans alike around her [...]

emmy rossum – not just an actress

emmy rossum is bringing back the old classy jazz style of 20s to 60s back with her seconed album “sentimental journey”. the album is a compilation of the cover songs of this eras, but all in all it is a great small compilation of good old classics.

jesse cook – drawing from childhood

jesse cook is one of the acoustic guitarist who has married the smooth jazz with flamenco to perfection. it is easy to listen to and makes you to forget about the hectic world out there which we live in. from childhood he had been fascinated by the sounds of the gypsy style guitar tunes. his [...]

leslie clio – a hidden secret

a young blond blue eyed girl from hamburg (germany) named leslie clio is a very well hidden secret of the soul and jazz world. not a lot is known of her but besides of her fabulous voice writes her own songs and brings her own style towards this kind of genre, she stays with the [...]

willy moon – burning up the charts

willy moon is one singer-songwriter from new zealand [though he lives in london (england)] to watch out for, he has the sleazy rawness in his voice of blues, jazz and old style rock. he has been burning up the charts in england this year and is making his mark with his single “yeah yeah” not [...]

gary clark jr – rock and roll is not dead

with his new album out gary clark jr is giving you the howl package of rock, blues, soul and jazz in one go. the 13 track album is just packed heavily with all the genre of rock and roll music and even with a bit of hip hop. his smooth voice is just melting into [...]

antibalas – jamming

this group is a great mix of different talents enjoying just music. antibalas are mixing the funk with the jazz and the afrobeat together since 1998. it is like a big jam session and extremely easy to listen to, if you have the opportunity see them live check them out and be ready for a [...]

jill barber – jazz with a bit of folk

jill barber is a canadian musician who started off on the small stage with a bit of a shy approach to the folk genre. in the years she grew and brought her silky shy voice along into the jazz with a little twist of folk in it. now she has her well deserved place in [...]

norah jones – pop meeting jazz

in 2002 norah jones started her solo carrier with her own style of pop and jazz fusion. she is one of the musicians around who does not shy away from new kind of projects and collaborations such as with foo fighters, ryan adams, outkast and danger mouse who has aswell produced her latest album “little [...]

kimbra – a voice found

kimbra is a young artist from new zealand who is just warming up and breaking into the music scene with her fresh jazz soul vibe. she is already known in the down under area and last year she made herself known in the northern hemisphere by collaborating with the Belgium artist gotye in the song [...]

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