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Entries for the ‘indie rock’ Category

david lemaitre – he will grab you by surprise

david lemaitre is one of the big surprises this year to hear from in the indie rock / indie folk genre. he originates from la paz (bolivia) and resides currently in berlin (germany). after having travelling around and taking in the music from around the world he found his own personal style which is extremely [...]

british sea power – going to the festival

the festival season is about to start for the summer 2013 and one of the bands to check out is defiantly british sea power. they are an english indie rock band from brighton and have just released sixth studio album “machineries of joy”:

miniature tigers – we just had to…

here is a band who caught our entries the other night after talking with friends who had seen them recently at a gig in dublin (ireland). miniature tigers do have a nice interesting tune between indie rock and indie pop. if we would have known before we would have defiantly tried to catch them live to [...]

john grant – going strong

john grant is currently finishing off is second album ‘pale green ghosts’ which will see the international light of day in may, but the first single “gmf” is already here and ready to be enjoyed:

phosphorescent – out of a crises

matthew houck is phosphorescent and his new album is a lucky coincident how it came to light. due to unforeseen circumstances in his life in 2012 he gave life to his rand new album with the twist between rock / folk and a bit of experimental sounds which at first can be a bit strange [...]

moddi – come and sit with me

moddi is an easy going honest musician from the northern region of norway. his music style is simple but is deep going under your skin. with his second album “set the house on fire” he mixed folk into rock and pop with a feel of underproduction which is making the album a kind of unique [...]

jones apollo – a climbs into the music

this four lads from dublin are coming each with their own history of music together and are jones apollo. their indie approach towards the music has a bit of basking towards it but it makes is genuine, touchable and full of live. with their brand new single out they are already gathering fans around them and [...]

bastille – debut album out now

bastille had been in the early stage a solo project by dan smith but decided to actually form a band. ever since they have drawing attention towards them and after several ep and releases they have finished their debut album “bad blood” which is just hitting the international market.

unknown mortal orchestra – rising through the indie charts

the kiwis are back with their brand new album “//”. unknown mortal orchestra already made an impact two years ago with their easy going psychedelic rock with a little bit of influence of the late 70s. now they have released their second album and are currently on tour.

everything everything – just a bit more please

this young band of indie rock indie pop from england have already made a great impact with their first album “man alive” in 2010, now just over two years later they have their second album out which is a tick of a more polished finish towards it but it is defiantly not overproduced and makes it [...]

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