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miniature tigers – we just had to…

here is a band who caught our entries the other night after talking with friends who had seen them recently at a gig in dublin (ireland). miniature tigers do have a nice interesting tune between indie rock and indie pop. if we would have known before we would have defiantly tried to catch them live to [...]

lorde – hip and upcoming

once more we have been looking around the depth of the internet to check different countries and we found one very promising young  artist from new zealand. lorde is or will be one of the hippest upcoming musicians in 2013, she has already a nice little fan base in new zealand and for sure she [...]

moddi – come and sit with me

moddi is an easy going honest musician from the northern region of norway. his music style is simple but is deep going under your skin. with his second album “set the house on fire” he mixed folk into rock and pop with a feel of underproduction which is making the album a kind of unique [...]

the mowgli’s – sun soul and a bit of pop rock

this five child hood friends from california are the mowgli’s, they have a bit of the 70s feel to them by mashing up the  pop / rock / folk and a bit of soul all together and bring a feel good feeling onto the scene. just last year they have released their ep “love’s not [...]

everything everything – just a bit more please

this young band of indie rock indie pop from england have already made a great impact with their first album “man alive” in 2010, now just over two years later they have their second album out which is a tick of a more polished finish towards it but it is defiantly not overproduced and makes it [...]

local natives – a second album out now

the local natives are back with a superb new album which just hit the shelfs. they have been staying true to their indie pop rock mix with the feel good sunny influence as on their previous album. they are defiantly worth checking out if they pop by your neighbourhood:

sir sly – it’s not sunny in california

sir sly is an indie pop rock band to be watched out in 2013, they have just released their debut ep and bring a new, though melancholic sound towards the table which you would not necessary expect of a band from the sunny california. they set a mood of sadness which is perfectly accompanied by [...]

tristan prettyman – simple and beautiful

tristan prettyman is an acoustic musician from surf county san diego (california), where she found her love to music in her mid teens. her music is simple, innocent and underlined with her fragile voice. she has already a nice little fan base and have been on the road with the script on their fall tour [...]

tegan and sara – the twins are coming

the canadian twins tegan and sara are coming back with a spanking new album which will be released in 2013. but the singles which they already have out are excellent and are creating already quiet a big buzz around them, the new album feels already with this two single bigger / larger / popier than [...]

the 1975 – just here, no warning

the manchaster (uk) based band the 1975 kind of came from nowhere and not really much is known of them. the indie rock/pop undigested music is grabbing at your neck and drags you along. currently they are making their name more known and are gigging in the uk and ireland. they have already released two eps [...]

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