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david lemaitre – he will grab you by surprise

david lemaitre is one of the big surprises this year to hear from in the indie rock / indie folk genre. he originates from la paz (bolivia) and resides currently in berlin (germany). after having travelling around and taking in the music from around the world he found his own personal style which is extremely [...]

phosphorescent – out of a crises

matthew houck is phosphorescent and his new album is a lucky coincident how it came to light. due to unforeseen circumstances in his life in 2012 he gave life to his rand new album with the twist between rock / folk and a bit of experimental sounds which at first can be a bit strange [...]

villagers – are delivering

conor o’brein formed the irish indie folk band villagers just four years ago, they had been one of the promising bands in 2010 when they released their first album “becoming a jackle”, now they have released their follow up album which is kicks in a gear higher:

colette carr – half way there

after her discovery in 2009, colette carr is working away on her debut album since 2012, now it is already half way there and it looks that she will release the album in four ep parts and later on this year she will release a combined work of all four parts. but in the mean [...]

great lake swimmers – one of the easy going song of 2012

the folk rock band great lake swimmers are already one of the successful bands from canada who are not only gathering fans around the world during their live gigs but have been featured with their music in several soundtracks. with their independent approach toward the music they introduce a lot of heart and thoughts towards the [...]

passenger – unlike turns on the road

originally the band started out as a five piece band but in 2007 they have decided to go their own ways, besides of mike rosenberg who stuck with the band name passenger. he packed up his bags and guitar to go over to australia and had been earning his living with busking. though the risk [...]

nadéah – an australian in paris

nadéah is a young spirited australian musician who is currently residing in paris (france). her indie folk / funk  style is quite heavily influence by the french chanson style which is merging into a great tune. with her album “venus gets even” she brings a fresh sound into the stage and is touring currently in [...]

the mountain goats – an artist’s outlet

john danielle is the steam of the engine of the mountain goats since 1991. before the turn of the century they have been releasing their albums on cassette or vinal 7’’ format which had been recorded in low-fidelty style, but this did not stop in any way to grow their following. since 2002 they have [...]

poor moon – a side project

poor moon is a side project of christian wargo and casey wescott of the band fleet foxes. they joined forces just this  year to venture down the road with the new band but currently they are still standing in the shadows of the fleet foxes. their self title album which had been released just in [...]

gabrielle aplin – reached out with youtube

about four years ago a young girl from bath (england) made an impact on youtube by a covering ‘my heart’ by american rock band paramour. since then the young girl grow up and gabrielle aplin had been using youtube as her platform to reach out to her fans and followers. with her resent release of [...]

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