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all that remains – pushing hard

all that remains have been around for a little while and they have been making a mark which each album they have released. now the heavy metal is back with their sixed study album “a war you cannot win” and it already has reached a respectfully place on the hard rock charts as well as on [...]

stone sour – part 1 hitting it hard

since their reunification in 2002 stone sour have released four albums up to date and they have one more ready in store for 2013. their fourth album is the first part of a double album if you want to call it like that. as usual it is a good mix of their talent playing of [...]

marilyn manson – back with darkness

marilyn manson is a multi talented artist who is very well known for his controversial live shows and videos. in the past he had been irritating the `normal´ people with his songs but they are in for a ride. after being silent for the last few years he is back with his brand new album, [...]

shinedown – don’t be denied

the american heavy metal band shinedown are making a nice little impact with their latest album “amaryllis” which is climbing up the charts and with their single “bully” they are moving as well steadily up the rock billboard chart: with this album they do make a mark for them self and this might explain as [...]

five finger death punch – coming with a wrath

the american heavy metal band five finger death punch had been formed in 2005 and have already 3 albums stacking up in their collection and with the latest release “american capitalist” they do hit a certain nerve. with the ballad “remember everything” they show a little softer side of them though it has a lot [...]

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