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clutch – back with their funky metal

clutch are one of the old hard rock metal bands who incorporated the funk perfectly into this type of music. they have been around since the 90s but their big breakthrough came in early 2000s. after taking a little break they came back with their tenth studio album with their unmistakable funk and groove metal [...]

all that remains – pushing hard

all that remains have been around for a little while and they have been making a mark which each album they have released. now the heavy metal is back with their sixed study album “a war you cannot win” and it already has reached a respectfully place on the hard rock charts as well as on [...]

neil young – with crazy horse

neil young has touch and influenced mostly all genre in the rock world and now he is back with an epic double pack of an album. it is the second album where he had been working together with crazy horse and there is nothing big to say about it just that you do not want [...]

stone sour – part 1 hitting it hard

since their reunification in 2002 stone sour have released four albums up to date and they have one more ready in store for 2013. their fourth album is the first part of a double album if you want to call it like that. as usual it is a good mix of their talent playing of [...]

bob mould – age has no restriction

he is one of the hardcore punk rock icons in america, in the ‘70s-‘80s he made big waves as the front man of hüsker dü and in the ‘90s with the band sugar. bob mould had been always keen working on his solo project and he incorporates the idea that age does not have any [...]

halestorm – as hard as it comes

they are hard and heavy, halestorm already made history on the active rock airplay chart by topping the charts as the first female fronted band with their song ‘love bites … (so do i)’ from their second album: they are known for not only merging the female vocals with the hard beat of rock / [...]

shinedown – don’t be denied

the american heavy metal band shinedown are making a nice little impact with their latest album “amaryllis” which is climbing up the charts and with their single “bully” they are moving as well steadily up the rock billboard chart: with this album they do make a mark for them self and this might explain as [...]

five finger death punch – coming with a wrath

the american heavy metal band five finger death punch had been formed in 2005 and have already 3 albums stacking up in their collection and with the latest release “american capitalist” they do hit a certain nerve. with the ballad “remember everything” they show a little softer side of them though it has a lot [...]

rival sons – a bit of blues in the rock

this guys are something to watch out for, rival sons are an american blues-rock band and have a gringy rock sound underlining their songs: after touring for a little while through england they have jumped over to north europe and will rock the crowed in various countries until april where they will finalise tour in [...]

evanescence – torn apart but as one

evanescence had a turbulence past during their formation in 1995, since than brilliant band members have left the band but the core and founder amy lee holds the hard rock dream up high and keeps on reinventing the band, which had been acknowledged by the fans and the music industry with nominations and winning several [...]

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