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dale and the zdubs – fresh and new at the horizon

here is a fresh new band from dc-maryland who are just grabbing you with their exiting jam funk reggae rock mix. dale and the zdubs have currently, yes indeed still there and checked, their five track ep free for download by following this “link”. once you have checked them out you will be more than [...]

lorde – hip and upcoming

once more we have been looking around the depth of the internet to check different countries and we found one very promising young  artist from new zealand. lorde is or will be one of the hippest upcoming musicians in 2013, she has already a nice little fan base in new zealand and for sure she [...]

clutch – back with their funky metal

clutch are one of the old hard rock metal bands who incorporated the funk perfectly into this type of music. they have been around since the 90s but their big breakthrough came in early 2000s. after taking a little break they came back with their tenth studio album with their unmistakable funk and groove metal [...]

shaka ponk – ready to be shocked and have fun

shaka ponk is a french electro rock band if you want to describe them in a quick way, but they are not your typical one, the lyrics are normally a mixture between english, french and spanish. the music style is actually heavy influenced by rock ‘n roll elements, dirty guitar riffs, grungy punk, funky rock [...]

netsky – a funky belgium

boris daenen is a young belgian producer who is much better known under his stage name netsky. he brings a cool funky vibe into the drum and bass scene and does reach his fans over the  boards of europe. with his latest single he pushes once more the envelope of the decks and featuring billie [...]

antibalas – jamming

this group is a great mix of different talents enjoying just music. antibalas are mixing the funk with the jazz and the afrobeat together since 1998. it is like a big jam session and extremely easy to listen to, if you have the opportunity see them live check them out and be ready for a [...]

the heavy – a good mix funk rock and soul

this four guys from bath (england) have meet up in the late 90s and fused immediately together. the heavy take on soul and funk with a good twist of crunchy rock is just excellent all underlined with the lead singers vocal which borderlines with curtis mayfields. though you would think that they would stick with [...]

maroon 5 – steering up the charts

maroon 5 is a pop rock band from california who have recently released their fourth album with a great mix of songs from a bit slower pop rock to an upbeat pop rock as in `one more night´: currently they are touring the south of america and they will be after that in the pacific [...]

oceana – in the grasp of football

oceana is a singer songwriter from the cult city hamburg (germany), with her musical roots in soul and hip hop / funk with a healthy influence of reggae she has a kind of fun vibe in her music which leaves you with a lifting up humour for the day as in her album “love supply”. [...]

electric guest – debut album out now

electric guest is a cool relaxed and laidback soul funk pop band with a tick of rock. they just released their debut album “mondo”. danger mouse did a great production on the album and it has a smooth cool feel towards it, it is extremely easy to listen to and they will poping up the [...]

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