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alunageorge – a promising duo

the duo alunageorge are one of the promising eletrconic pop hip hop band from england who had been nominated for the 2013 brit award and bbc’s sound of 2013. their debut album will only be released in july but ere is already a climbs what to expect with their first single “attracting flies”.

chvrches – a promising band for 2013

chvrches are one of the promising synthpop bands of 2013 immerging from scotland who already grabbed the attention of bbc’s  sound of 2013. they music is seriously well put together and the vocals of lauren mayberry are just a perfect dreamy overlay as on the track ‘recover’ which you can find on the “recover – [...]

atoms for peace – a new supergroup comes along

atoms for peace is a supergoup which had been brought to live by thom yorke (radiohead) and consists as well of flea (red hot chili peppers) who is on the bass, joey on the drums, brazilian instrumentalist mauro refosco on percussion and radiohead producer nigel godrich on the keyboards and synths. the debut album of [...]

nosaj thing – mixing and experimenting

jason chung is not unknown in the scene but is better known as nosja thing and he is known for his experimental approach and mixing up the different kind of genres. now he is back with a brand new album with good and interesting tracks, kazu makino is lending her vocal skills on the first [...]

siiines – a good recommendation

siiines is a recommendation from a youtube user. the group is a by product of travis nesbitt and morgan gies after their band social code split in mid 2012, they have been described as ‘if motley crue, david guetta, nirvana and deadmau5 had an orgy siiines would be the dna left behind’ … it does [...]

flume – a young ausi is rising

herley streten is one of ‘the’ young rising dj’s / producer from australia and is better known under his alias flume. unbelievable but true he found his way to music through a cereal box where he found a music production program when he was just 13 years old and since then he was not able [...]

draft – easy going electro house from london

liam tallon is actually better known as the electronica music producer draft. he  electro house / electronica mixes  are easy going and not as chaotic and aggressive as other artists in the genre. with his latest ep “theendofthebeginning” he is making a new impact in the scene.

example – between softness and hardness

elliot john gleave is a busy man and is known in the tv sector as a voiceover artist and editor at comedy central as well as an editor at the mtv network. when it comes down to his personal music he is known by his stage name example and his alternative approach towards the hip [...]

skye – just pure music

skye is one of the british pop musicians who has so much passion in her light husky voice which brings you immediately into another level. with her latest album “back to now” she shows us once more her abilities of her switching back and forth between pop rock and electronic downtempo. already with the more [...]

owl city – not just a project

adam young is one of the young artist who was able to use the social network side myspace to his advantage on his side project owl city. since 2009 he moved on from being just a side project and he had proven with two independent album releases that he had what it takes. with the [...]

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