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empire of the sun – will they do it again?

who does not remember the synthpop song which ruled the charts during the summer 2008 from the australian duo. ‘we are the people’ kind of exploded on the charts and visually the video set a different kind of a standard. now empire of the sun is back about to rock the charts even harder. their [...]

lindsey stirling – classic meets electronic rock

lindsey stirling has been on a rocky road but always stayed true towards her music style and choice. with her classical violin she crosses over into the world of hip hop and dubstep which had been done before but she keeps on pushing forward and reinvents herself in each of her track of herself titled [...]

siiines – a good recommendation

siiines is a recommendation from a youtube user. the group is a by product of travis nesbitt and morgan gies after their band social code split in mid 2012, they have been described as ‘if motley crue, david guetta, nirvana and deadmau5 had an orgy siiines would be the dna left behind’ … it does [...]

blackburner – a harder mix into the electronics

with a heavy background of hard rock and metal skyla talon created the band blackburner and is digging his teeth into the electro / dubstep, creating his unique hybrid by mixing in the rock and heavy industrial into the power full  synthesised sound. you will find heavy and more aggressive songs on the albums but [...]

awolnation – a bit of electronic and a little rock

they are defiantly and interesting band, awolnation brings an interesting kind of tune into the charts though not being around for long they have already released 1 album:

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