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david fincher – still into music

david fincher is one of the well known directors in hollywood who has made his mark in the movies since alien 3. but well before that he had been making music video and has a massive collection reaching from the 80’s up until know. he is one of the directors who stayed true to the [...]

diane martel – from choreographer to director

diane martel has started out her actual carrier as a choreographer in the late 80’s bit found her seat in the early 90’s in the director’s chair for the video ‘dreamlover’ of maria carey and the rest is history. since then she has directors numbers video’s for all kind of different genres from simplicity soft [...]

woodkid – not just a gifted director

yoann lemoine is a already known as a muisc video director who tackles the videos of the artist in a different why and catches the music perfectly in the videos as the four videos we have picked: 2012 drake ft. rihanna "take care" 2011 lana del rey "born to die" 2011 the shoes "wastin time" [...]

sophie muller – a great director

sophie muller is one of the british directors who had been in the director seat for over two decades now and has directed over one hundred videos in this time. the list of her longstanding collaboration is including no doubt, shakira, sophie ellis-bextor, garbage, annie lennox and the eurythmics. though they are all great artists [...]

isaac rentz – in four years already there

isaac rentz is one of the upcoming music directors, each of his videos he had made in the last four years had been a unique piece of art work. in december we had featured two videos of his from the artists tegan and sara and skylar grey. so we decided to dig a bit into [...]

mark pellington – drawing from live

mark pellington is an extremely talented music video directors our times, who has been there basically from the start since mtv kicked off. his music videos are drawing from live the tragedies and as well the better times. he has a natural passion towards the videos and you can see and feel it. with his [...]

joseph kahn – a kick ass director

joseph kahn is one of the music video directors who uses a mixers of elements in his videos from simplicity to high spec cinema style. in the early 90s he was able build his reputation as a music video director by not just hooking up on one genre of music, he feels home in any [...]

hype williams – new horizons

since the 90s hype williams is making a mark in the music video scene with his different styles of shooting  them, in the 90s he was using mostly the fisheye lens for his videos which he swapped to a widescreen ratio style. since the beginning he had been comfortable in the hip hop scene, but [...]

daniels – young and uncomplicated

this two young directors, daniel kwan and daniel scheinert, are daniels who have actually a background in 3d animation but do not really go with that flow, they are sticking to the real feel and classic post-production of the videos for the music videos. since 2010 they are working on music videos with most of them [...]

marc klasfeld – does not back down

marc klasfeld is one of the music video directors who does not back down or better to say does not fear a challenge, he is comfortable in all kind of music genre and is able to bring his unique blend of humour and visual elements into each video. his videos are vary from the simplicity [...]

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