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emmy rossum – not just an actress

emmy rossum is bringing back the old classy jazz style of 20s to 60s back with her seconed album “sentimental journey”. the album is a compilation of the cover songs of this eras, but all in all it is a great small compilation of good old classics.

lindsey stirling – classic meets electronic rock

lindsey stirling has been on a rocky road but always stayed true towards her music style and choice. with her classical violin she crosses over into the world of hip hop and dubstep which had been done before but she keeps on pushing forward and reinvents herself in each of her track of herself titled [...]

nathan pacheco – a classic star rises

nathan pacheco will be a name to be remembered, through the years he had been travelling the globe and learning about different cultures, he is like a sponge taking in the feel of the countries he visited and he is able to reflect this in his voice. the harmony and the deep feeling which he [...]

scala & kolacny brothers – bringing the music in a different style

scala & kolacny brothers is a belgian women’s choir which is conducted by stijn kolacny and accompanied by his brother steven kolacny. they have made a  name for them self  in belgien, germany and france since the beginning of 2000 by tackeling songs of the groups such as rammstein, u2, metallica and many more. but they [...]

2cellos – a new feeling towards classic

2cellos are the combined force of the cellists luka sulic (slovenia) and stjepan hauser (croatia). they became a web sensation in 2011 with their take on “smooth criminal” and they got noticed by the music industry, since than they have released one album “2cellos”: though they have covered mostly rock songs on their album they [...]

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