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retro stefson – iceland exploding with a new sound

iceland keeps on surprising us with great music and no different is retro stefson from reykjavík. this alterantive pop band a tick different and is brining the 80’s right into the 21st century with a fresh new sound. their previous self titled album is already getting a lot of attention and the single ‘she said’ [...]

baden baden – this is not about the town in germany

this three parisian (france) guys are the band baden baden which is taken the name of the german spa town. they are not your typical french band they do sing in french but as well in english. their music is easy going folk rock / alternative rock overlaid with some electronica. already two years ago [...]

the script – the dubs are back

the script is a small pop alternative rock band from dublin (ireland) who are popping up again and again in the charts with great songs. staying true to their two year rhythm of album releases they ware back with their forthcoming third album which will be released next month. but we were not able to [...]

chima – unexpected easy

his routs are from nigeria and is home is in frankfurt (germany), chima has this unexpected easy going coolness about himself. his style is going between urban pop and alternative pop with borrowing a few soul elements, which makes his music unique. his lyrics are quiet philosophical and have some deep thoughts in them, but [...]

missy higgins – a smoky voice from down under

missy higgins has one of this female smoky voices which is hard to get out of your head once you heard it. she comes from far down under, melbourne (australia), and is home in the alternative indie / pop-rock genre. it is easy to listen to her, her new album covers songs from smooth to [...]

marilyn manson – back with darkness

marilyn manson is a multi talented artist who is very well known for his controversial live shows and videos. in the past he had been irritating the `normal´ people with his songs but they are in for a ride. after being silent for the last few years he is back with his brand new album, [...]

alex clare – a modern beat with soul

he comes with quiet a bit potential in his pocket, alex clare grew up listening to jazz and later in life he was taken by soul and blues. all this he merges with the electronically beats as well as live instruments to perfection as a result his songs are power full with a good portion [...]

the asteroids galaxy tour – the young once are out

the asteroids galaxy tour are not your usual scandinavian pop band with their feisty fresh attitude towards pop and a healthy fusion of psychedelic pop and acid jazz they bring an energy to the table which had not been seen in this combination. the 70s are back with them … just with a kick. with [...]

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