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Entries for February, 2013

skip the use – the new sound of french rock

the french rock band skip the use are most likely one of ‘the’ band from france which will hop over the boarders of the european union. they are already fairly successful in france, germany, hungary and as well over in the new the world canada. their music is defiantly influence from the brit rock but [...]

rebecca & fiona – the beat goes on

sweden does it again … the dj duo rebecca & fiona are just about three years on the scene and they are gaining more respect in the scene each time they put out a single. they just mixed “taken over” which is an easy smoother house mix.

armin van buuren – pushing you into the trance

the dutch dj armin van buuren is on the international trance scene since he is 19. he remixed produced and created great tracks since his breakthrough in the mid 90s. now he just turned the tables once more and is back with “waiting for the night” featuring the australian singer and songwriter fiora:

sophie muller – a great director

sophie muller is one of the british directors who had been in the director seat for over two decades now and has directed over one hundred videos in this time. the list of her longstanding collaboration is including no doubt, shakira, sophie ellis-bextor, garbage, annie lennox and the eurythmics. though they are all great artists [...]

coheed and cambria – the second afterman

the story goes on with coheed and cambria, the concept american rock band just released the follow up album of their fifth album “the afterman: ascension”. the sixth album “the afterman: descension” is at first a bit more aggressive but swings into a softer mood in the end. the band are just on tour now [...]

phoenix – out of the ashes we came

the four lads from versailles (france) phoenix are back, they have been absence for four years of the charts, but now the alternative french rock is back with their soft touch and feel good music. they are just about to put the final touches to their new album ‘bankrupt!’ which will be out in april. [...]

the smashing pumpkins – bringing back the old with some new

the smashing pumpkins had been a little bit absence throughout the years, but since mid 2012 they are promoting their new album “oceania”, with which they are touring this year around the globe, for sure you will be able to catch them during a festival as well. the album itself is excellent a bit calmer [...]

clutch – back with their funky metal

clutch are one of the old hard rock metal bands who incorporated the funk perfectly into this type of music. they have been around since the 90s but their big breakthrough came in early 2000s. after taking a little break they came back with their tenth studio album with their unmistakable funk and groove metal [...]

unknown mortal orchestra – rising through the indie charts

the kiwis are back with their brand new album “//”. unknown mortal orchestra already made an impact two years ago with their easy going psychedelic rock with a little bit of influence of the late 70s. now they have released their second album and are currently on tour.

trixie whitley – born in belgium, lives in brooklyn

trixie whitley had been on the road since her childhood with her parents (her father was the famous far too early passed away chris whitley) and the music just kept on coming and played a major role in her life. after releasing several eps over the years under her own name she has finished of [...]

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