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Entries for January, 2013

everything everything – just a bit more please

this young band of indie rock indie pop from england have already made a great impact with their first album “man alive” in 2010, now just over two years later they have their second album out which is a tick of a more polished finish towards it but it is defiantly not overproduced and makes it [...]

isaac rentz – in four years already there

isaac rentz is one of the upcoming music directors, each of his videos he had made in the last four years had been a unique piece of art work. in december we had featured two videos of his from the artists tegan and sara and skylar grey. so we decided to dig a bit into [...]

a$ap rocky – up rising kid in the hood

his style is not new but a$ap rocky brings a fresh new twist into the hip hop rap gangster genre. you can hear a bit wu-tang, run dmc and buster throughout the songs but he has his own elements and style mixed up into it which he brings forward on his new album “$ap”.

local natives – a second album out now

the local natives are back with a superb new album which just hit the shelfs. they have been staying true to their indie pop rock mix with the feel good sunny influence as on their previous album. they are defiantly worth checking out if they pop by your neighbourhood:

emmy rossum – not just an actress

emmy rossum is bringing back the old classy jazz style of 20s to 60s back with her seconed album “sentimental journey”. the album is a compilation of the cover songs of this eras, but all in all it is a great small compilation of good old classics.

otto knows – still climbing the charts

otto jettmann is better known as otto knows and is one of the promising new djs immerging from stockholm (sweden) where he was influenced since his youth by the underground nightclubs scene. now he has the support of the dj community and build up his reputation with them throughout the years. his single “million voices” [...]

disclosure – two brothers turning tables

the two brother from suerrey (england) are disclosure and are turning the tables like the big once already, their finishing touches on the music are just cool and easy. currently the are working on their debut album, and what we can hear from the eps it will be defiantly an epic one and they will [...]

sir sly – it’s not sunny in california

sir sly is an indie pop rock band to be watched out in 2013, they have just released their debut ep and bring a new, though melancholic sound towards the table which you would not necessary expect of a band from the sunny california. they set a mood of sadness which is perfectly accompanied by [...]

villagers – are delivering

conor o’brein formed the irish indie folk band villagers just four years ago, they had been one of the promising bands in 2010 when they released their first album “becoming a jackle”, now they have released their follow up album which is kicks in a gear higher:

charli xcx – putting all together

charlotte aitchison, much better known by her stage name charli xcx, seems to have music pulsing through her veins. she has been making music since her earlier childhood and had her first album out at the young age of fourteen. this gamble paid off and now she is well established in the rave scene in [...]

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