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Entries for December, 2012

great lake swimmers – one of the easy going song of 2012

the folk rock band great lake swimmers are already one of the successful bands from canada who are not only gathering fans around the world during their live gigs but have been featured with their music in several soundtracks. with their independent approach toward the music they introduce a lot of heart and thoughts towards the [...]

skylar grey – here we go for a warm up

skylar grey is a young music artist who is playing around with the folk rock, hip hop and soul mashing it up a bit with pop. her latest single featuring eminem, of her upcoming album, is pushing it into a complete new direction and she is exploring the hip hop scene a little bit more. [...]

tristan prettyman – simple and beautiful

tristan prettyman is an acoustic musician from surf county san diego (california), where she found her love to music in her mid teens. her music is simple, innocent and underlined with her fragile voice. she has already a nice little fan base and have been on the road with the script on their fall tour [...]

rita ora – as expected

rita ora had been one of the young artist emerging onto the r&b / dance scene this summer who had been from the beginning very promising. yes she did deliver in 2012, when she enters onto the stage you can feel the tension building. she knows clearly her way in the music and her first [...]

tegan and sara – the twins are coming

the canadian twins tegan and sara are coming back with a spanking new album which will be released in 2013. but the singles which they already have out are excellent and are creating already quiet a big buzz around them, the new album feels already with this two single bigger / larger / popier than [...]

the neighbourhood – an interesting band

the neighbourhood have a kind of interesting approach towards the alternative rock which is trying a tick to hook into the british alternative rock style, but they cannot shake their american heritage in their music. at the moment they have a nice compact ep out and they have just released a new single which has [...]

elle alpha – a power full blues pop

elle alpha is the alter ego of songwriter ella stoffers and is one of the dutch bands to look out for in the near future. one of her signatures is her deep power full female voices which makes the earth tremble on top of that the blues rock / pop is exceptional and has won [...]

brantley gilbert – getting out there

brantley gilbert is a young country rock singer who is going his way slowly but surely, he had is number one hits in 2011 than he was nominated in the cma awards 2012 as ‘new artist of the year’. and with 27 he has two albums out which do touch the hearts of his fans. [...]

baden baden – this is not about the town in germany

this three parisian (france) guys are the band baden baden which is taken the name of the german spa town. they are not your typical french band they do sing in french but as well in english. their music is easy going folk rock / alternative rock overlaid with some electronica. already two years ago [...]

paul banks – on his own way

the front man from interpol paul banks is going as well his own path as a solo artist where he takes a more lighter approach towards the music. yes you do hear interpol come through in the background in few songs but never the less he has a good touch with his solo project and [...]

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