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Entries for November, 2012

vrns – mexico city brings the beat

not all the good synthpop is coming from the known western world, here is the counter part from mexico vrns (pronounced vi-er-nes which means friday in spanish). the sound is a perfect clash between electro and pop rock, it is very upbeat with harsh pop rock elements over layered with smooth vocals. just know they [...]

the 1975 – just here, no warning

the manchaster (uk) based band the 1975 kind of came from nowhere and not really much is known of them. the indie rock/pop undigested music is grabbing at your neck and drags you along. currently they are making their name more known and are gigging in the uk and ireland. they have already released two eps [...]

shaka ponk – ready to be shocked and have fun

shaka ponk is a french electro rock band if you want to describe them in a quick way, but they are not your typical one, the lyrics are normally a mixture between english, french and spanish. the music style is actually heavy influenced by rock ‘n roll elements, dirty guitar riffs, grungy punk, funky rock [...]

menomena – indie rock and experiments

though they are down by one member and co-founder brent knopf (pursuing a new project), menomena are still rocking and creating their kind of own indie rock style with an experimental twist in it. their music has feeling and grungy leaning time to time into the heavy or into the softer side of rock. their [...]

aaradhna – with a bit of soul a long way

aaradhnaben jayantilal patel is better known by her shortened stage name aaradhna, she is a young new zealand soul musician with a hint of pop and r&b. her light husky voice makes the music sexy and smooth and she shows it on her just released third studio album:

donald fagen – a living classic

donald fagen is one of the living legends who influenced the smooth rock / jazz since the late 70s after gaining the recognition of the industry with the group steely dan, which he co-founded in the early 70s with walter becker. but he never stopped there and kept on working as well on his solo [...]

haim – three strong sisters

haim is consisting out of three sister from los angeles (california), who mashes up the nu folk genre with the 90s r&b style into brand new package. they have released two great eps already and they have announced an album release in 2013. we cannot wait how the final product will sound, feel and look [...]

the cast of cheers – raw and easy

the four lads from sligo/dublin (ireland) are the indie rock band the cast of cheers. they already impressed europe and the critics with their first album two years back and with their second album “family” they once more hit spot just right. their music is a mix of raw indie rock with a polished finish.

dragonette – flash back of the 70s

dragonette is a synthpop band from toronto (canada) which is not easy to be put into a genre in the electro world, their music has a very strong feel of the 70s towards it but you will hear surprisingly a few newer upbeat elements in it as well which seems it is mixed into the [...]

barbara moleko – danish pop and soul

barbara moleko is a young danish musician who finds her home in the soul and pop. with her debut album out she shows us that the music does not know any borders, her retro approach to the soul is extremely catchy and draws you in even though her lyrics are in danish. all this does [...]

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