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Entries for October, 2012

the sheepdogs – canada has blues

the sheepdogs are a quiet individual blues band from canada who are already successful in canada by have swooping up few wins in several categories in 2011 at the casby awards and 2012 at the juno awards. now with their latest self titled album, which had been produced by the drummer of the black keys [...]

neil young – with crazy horse

neil young has touch and influenced mostly all genre in the rock world and now he is back with an epic double pack of an album. it is the second album where he had been working together with crazy horse and there is nothing big to say about it just that you do not want [...]

owl city – not just a project

adam young is one of the young artist who was able to use the social network side myspace to his advantage on his side project owl city. since 2009 he moved on from being just a side project and he had proven with two independent album releases that he had what it takes. with the [...]

miguel – a new wave of r&b

miguel is another good example of the new wave r&b musicians (as frank ocean or the weeknd) integrating smoothly a different style into the genre. he mixes it up with a bit light pop and smooth soul which makes him a tick different but you will find elements of funk, hip hop, electronic and some [...]

willy moon – burning up the charts

willy moon is one singer-songwriter from new zealand [though he lives in london (england)] to watch out for, he has the sleazy rawness in his voice of blues, jazz and old style rock. he has been burning up the charts in england this year and is making his mark with his single “yeah yeah” not [...]

django django – a different vision of music

this quartet met in edinburgh and formed the band django django in 2009 which is drawing the inspiration for the music out of the art rock and experimental music style and just overlay it with a nice indie rock music. but one thing is sure they bring the free spirited neo-psychedelia music of the 70s/80s [...]

the mountain goats – an artist’s outlet

john danielle is the steam of the engine of the mountain goats since 1991. before the turn of the century they have been releasing their albums on cassette or vinal 7’’ format which had been recorded in low-fidelty style, but this did not stop in any way to grow their following. since 2002 they have [...]

mika – growing up

mika always had been out going, loud and shocking which does make him outstanding with his fun non judgemental music. he had been swapping up the fans with his last two albums and since the last three years he was working on is third album which has a more serious feel towards it, but no [...]

c2c – taking on the charts

the four french lads (20syl, greem, atom and pfel) are c2c and spinning the table since 1998, they have been already extremely successful during competitions wining four times in the row the disco mix club world team dj championship (2003-2006) and as individual artist they have claimed their ground in the dj world. now they have [...]

sky ferreira – dreamy pop

she is a young artist who had been already as young child into music by singing gospel songs in church. sky ferreira kept on learning and refined her voice by taking opera lessons which deffinatly paid off. her voice is dreamy and power full at the same time and merges with the electro pop into [...]

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