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Entries for September, 2012

mumford & sons – be captured and drawn in

mumford & sons are capturing the audience unaware and draw them into their world of power full / emotional folk rock. they came to light in 2007 and where working hard on their first album “sight no more” which had been climbing steadily on the charts around the globe since its release in 2010. this [...]

blackburner – a harder mix into the electronics

with a heavy background of hard rock and metal skyla talon created the band blackburner and is digging his teeth into the electro / dubstep, creating his unique hybrid by mixing in the rock and heavy industrial into the power full  synthesised sound. you will find heavy and more aggressive songs on the albums but [...]

seeed – with an ease through the day

berlin (germany) is the birthplace of the reggae group seeed, they are one f the most notable reggae band who is spilling over the german border. their music is breathtaking and are just putting you into a chilled mud. they consist of eleven members who are coming from various corners of the world and influence [...]

christina aguilera – new album coming closer

christina aguilera a pop artist who you cannot get around in the pop world. she is one of the artists who over lived the bobble of the sexy girls of the ‘90s and kept her appeal and attraction right thru until to date. as branded almost as a one hit wonder she had been proving [...]

lady antebellum – a trio taken the hearts of their fans

the group is around for a little while and composes them self out of three members and lady antebellum are taking every so more the fans into their spell with the heart breaking country pop style blending their voices with the music in an unforgettable sound. already now their last album release earlier this month [...]

keith harkin – time to set sail

keith harkin is one to look out for, he is an irish singer songwriter and is a member of the celtic thunder group with whom he had been touring very successfully around the globe. but now it is time set sail and start his journey of his solo adventure. for sure with his unmistakable voice, [...]

nathan pacheco – a classic star rises

nathan pacheco will be a name to be remembered, through the years he had been travelling the globe and learning about different cultures, he is like a sponge taking in the feel of the countries he visited and he is able to reflect this in his voice. the harmony and the deep feeling which he [...]

ingrid michaelson – music in her veins

since early childhood at a tender age of four she had a keen interest in music and with her father being a composer it came natural that ingrid michaelson was pursuing the music career. since 2005 she is rocks the indie world of pop and folk, she has an easy going attitude towards the music [...]

natalia lafourcade – a fragile voice

natalia lafourcade is a well known pop artist in south america and she has one of this remarkable fragile voice with a lot of the latin passion and heart. her new album “mujera divina: homenaje a agustin lara” has already made an impression on the charts in latin america and it would be ready to [...]

the other tribe – just a good vibe

“indie music which you can dance to would” is a good description and music style of the other tribe, they are coming from bristol (england) and they tackle the music in an almost sexual dirty vibe which grabs you by surprise and brings the dancer out in you. their music is just a feel good [...]

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