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Entries for July, 2012

the killers – back with a killing song

it became a little bit silent around them due to being on a well deserved break after touring for a good six years. the killers joined forces again in 2011 and now they are back with a great and typical killer song, which is the first single of their fourth studio album which should be [...]

spike jonze – always a little bit different

spike jonze is a very talented american director who has made his name with music videos since the 90’s. since then he worked for varies bands and is always bringing something different to table. one of the great things about him is, is that he is convertible in any type of music genre as you [...]

coldplay – rock meeting r&b

coldplay is one of the bands who is not shying away to try something new time to time. now with the new single “princess of china” featuring rihanna, they are mixing their typical alternative rock style with the a healthy mix of r&b:

bat for lashes – an innocent voice

natasha kahn is an english dream / indie pop musician who is better known by her stage name bat for lashes. her voice has an innocent touch towards it and a lot of emotions, you can deffinatly loose yourself in her music and drift away in to a piece place with it. currently she is [...]

kendrick lamar – going through the ranks

kendrick lamar is a young american hip hop artist who is a member of the hip hop supergroup `black hippy´ and he had been working as well with the legends like `snoop dogg´and `dr. dre´. with a hugh following already on the internet he is moving through the ranks and his debut album will be [...]

satellite sky – getting out their into the open

this two siblings from australia are fully out going and touring the globe whenever they have the chance to bring their music closer to their fans. satellite sky take on the alternative / indie rock smooth and has a tick of `the verve´ and `bowie´ in it. besides of being already out there, they are [...]

maroon 5 – steering up the charts

maroon 5 is a pop rock band from california who have recently released their fourth album with a great mix of songs from a bit slower pop rock to an upbeat pop rock as in `one more night´: currently they are touring the south of america and they will be after that in the pacific [...]

milo greene – going is and chilled

the indie folk genre has a new little band in their mids, milo greene is a laid back easy going band who just released their debut album. currently they are on the road and are spreading their music throughout north america.

sean paul – all about the dedication

sean paul is one of the jamaican musician who do pop up here and there with a nice catchy song with his typical reggae dancehall fusion. on his latest album “tomahawk technique” he dedicated `hold on´ to the jamaican olympic team. though the song is not an official song of the olympics 2012 it defiantly is [...]

make do and mend – not just hardcore

make do and mend is a post hardcore / melodic hardcore band which very well reflected in their first album and which you can see in `oak square´. though their second album has a much softer approach towards the music and borderlines the alternative rock genre, like in the acoustic version of `unknowingly strong´. both albums [...]

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