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Entries for June, 2012

ed sheeran – with a lot of shades

ed sheeran is a young musician from england who had his well deserved breakthrough last year. with his debut album he shows his skill of understanding the different kind of music styles, jumping in between folk and pop which makes his album extremely enjoyable to listen to. at the moment he is touring heavily around [...]

little hurricane – dirty blues

little hurricane is a californian blues rock band, which we didn’t came across before. they do have a nice little raw touch towards the blues and this is why they would slide into the dirty blues. their music has a raw and honest baseline and their first studio album “homewrecker” is excellent and we can [...]

noel gallagher’s high flying birds – the aftermath

the aftermath of the split of the cult band oasis, which had been formed by the two brother liam and noel gallagher, is downright simple. noel did not wait around, he knew that he has that what it takes to bring the alternative english rock back onto the stage, so in 2010 he formed his [...]

rudimental – a quartet with a beat

rudimental is a london (england) based quartet which is just starting making their way into the dance scene. they did make a great impression with their newest single featuring john newman, who himself is a young promising musician. with several singles now out of the quartet we sincerely hope that there will be an album [...]

imagine dragons – a little indie from the dessert

imagine dragons is four piece indie rock band from las vegas (nevada) who is just about to stear up a little bit of dust. with their latest ep “continued silence” they are preparing their way for their first album, produced by alex da kid, which shall be released in the end of this summer.

jill barber – jazz with a bit of folk

jill barber is a canadian musician who started off on the small stage with a bit of a shy approach to the folk genre. in the years she grew and brought her silky shy voice along into the jazz with a little twist of folk in it. now she has her well deserved place in [...]

oceana – in the grasp of football

oceana is a singer songwriter from the cult city hamburg (germany), with her musical roots in soul and hip hop / funk with a healthy influence of reggae she has a kind of fun vibe in her music which leaves you with a lifting up humour for the day as in her album “love supply”. [...]

usher – back with even new tracks

usher is an artist who does reinvent himself several times during his journey through out the r&b, pop and soul. now with his new “looking 4 myself” he pushes himself back in the club and dance scene.  the album is a great compilation of slow easy songs up to the fast beating dance track.

silversun pickups – dreamy rock

with their new album out “neck in the woods” silversun pickups are going into a new territory. the new album has a much dreamier twist on the rock and is smoother than their previous 2 albums which had a rougher edge towards it. but already they are climbing up the charts worldwide and  fans do [...]

norah jones – pop meeting jazz

in 2002 norah jones started her solo carrier with her own style of pop and jazz fusion. she is one of the musicians around who does not shy away from new kind of projects and collaborations such as with foo fighters, ryan adams, outkast and danger mouse who has aswell produced her latest album “little [...]

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