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Entries for May, 2012

florence and the machine – still strong

florence and the machine are one of the world known bands who is mashing up the different styles of music, from indie/alternative rock through soul to dance, to perfection. the different kind of styles seemed to be flowing into one and beside of the great music they are keeping to wow us with their arty [...]

kraftklub – an excellent merge

as a result of being on the stage together at the splash festival 2009 (germany) the german rapper felix kummer and the indie rock band neon blocks went into the studio together and during the merge of this two different antities kraftklub had been the result which is taking over the charts in germany. they [...]

grimes – following a dream

grimes is the stage name of the free spirited canadian artist claire boucher. as result of following her dream and calling into the dream pop / electronic music world, which started to become more serious than just a side project or dream,  she had to take a break of her studies at the university due [...]

jamie n commons – just stumbled over him

jamie n commons is originating from bristol (england). we stumbled over him during browsing through net and checking few festival line ups. since he starts to pop up in several festivals this year around europe we checked him out and his take on the blues  well worthy to be checked out and he keeps on [...]

keane – a little band in the big picture

keane is a little alternative rock band from east sussex (england) who formed in 1997 and rows to world fame in 2004 with their first album “hopes and fears”. it has not only swopped multiple awards but had been featuered as soundtrack in several tv series since 2004 with: with their second album “under the [...]

linkin park – back to the roots

linkin park is one of the iconic bands from the millennium turn and they have gathered since than a great following with a ever growing fan base. they have been experimenting with different kind of music styles and jammed them all together in to one neet little package from alternative metal to alternative rock with [...]

jon mclaughlin – easy going pop rock

jon mclaughlin is young pop rock musician who is popping up time to time in the music charts and will on keeping doing so for a little while. his newly released album sounds very promising and will be getting a bit attention this year.

admiral fallow – interesting and unique

the sound of admiral fallow is interesting and unique in their own way, the scotish band is merging the folk and indie pop gander very well and makes it very easy to listen to either live on stage or back at home relaxing on the sofa or just sitting in the sun. with their latest [...]

gossip – moving into the right direction

gossip is a three piece indie rock band with the under tone of dance rock, all this is getting overlaid with the unforgettable vocals of beth ditto. the group had their great breakthrough in 2006 and just right for the summer time they have released their new album with the twiki song “moving into the [...]

christian larson – from house to dance

christian larson is a swedish music video director who is well known in the house music seen in sweden. he was involved in the documentary `take one´ of the swedish house mafia he had been working as well together with the director jonas åkerlund on the music video of “telephone” of beyoncé and lady gaga. [...]

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