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Entries for April, 2012

scala & kolacny brothers – bringing the music in a different style

scala & kolacny brothers is a belgian women’s choir which is conducted by stijn kolacny and accompanied by his brother steven kolacny. they have made a  name for them self  in belgien, germany and france since the beginning of 2000 by tackeling songs of the groups such as rammstein, u2, metallica and many more. but they [...]

whomadewho – with rock and electro they are coming

whomadewho is not your usual indie rock band, the danish band has formed in 2003 and with their different backgrounds and music influences they are fusing rock / electro and dance punk into one harmonic sound. they have been touring the world and extensively europe where they are currently shaking things up. with their newest [...]

mike candys – with a smiley

switzerland is bearing one well known dj in their mitts mike candys, he is not only one of the most successful electro house producer of switzerland but he mixes his own decks as well. during his live gigs he is wearing his smiley mask which his fans go nuts for. his decks are very enjoyable [...]

alex clare – a modern beat with soul

he comes with quiet a bit potential in his pocket, alex clare grew up listening to jazz and later in life he was taken by soul and blues. all this he merges with the electronically beats as well as live instruments to perfection as a result his songs are power full with a good portion [...]

bombay bicycle club – the lads making their way

bombay bicycle club are a great indie rock / folk band with a little twist of pop from north london (uk) with an easy going attitude towards the music. it took them a little while to find them self after playing together under different names, with a few changes in their line up they finally [...]

keaton henson – a multi talented artist

keaton henson is a young multi talented artist from london (uk). he is known as a visual artist who had his work exhibited a little bit over the world. he is an artist who needs to explore his creativity in several different outlets. the debut album “dear” is one of them, which at first was not [...]

electric guest – debut album out now

electric guest is a cool relaxed and laidback soul funk pop band with a tick of rock. they just released their debut album “mondo”. danger mouse did a great production on the album and it has a smooth cool feel towards it, it is extremely easy to listen to and they will poping up the [...]

yuna – going global

yuna is a young malaysian musician who just released her self titled international album and she is ready to go global. as mtv iggy described  her track “live your life” as `polished until it gleams but instead of burying yuna, it lifts her up. the track has hints that a diva is waiting to shine´, [...]

soko – art in a different way

stéphanie sokolinski, or better known by her stage name soko is a young french artist who has her own and different kind of twist on the french indie rock genre. in her early carrier she had been involved in acting and started to find a foot hold in the film industry. as free spirited person [...]

swedish house mafia – be taken on to a new level

axwell, steve angello and sebastian ingrosso are the swedish house mafia. the combination of them is just mind blowing and they bring the house / electro house to a new level, which makes it extremely enjoy bill to either relax and listen the tracks or to let the beat take over and push yourself to [...]

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