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on a monday night in a jam packed little basement in dublin

last night we have been down in the basement of the international bar (dublin) and checked out the monday echo session. it is basically a cool mix of singers / songwriters and poets performing their works on a small stage ending the night with an open mic. unfortunately we didn’t had the chance to stay for the howl night and had to part after the first half of the evening, never the less we where lucky enough to catch daniel kelleher and russell hogg live on camera who you can check out just here with us:

the music pulse will be a bit different

after a little absence of the pulse we will be back with a new and a bit different twist, we will try at least once a month to be at an open mic session in dublin (ireland) and catch the talented music scene here live on camera which will get posted in our youtube channel and of course here in the music pulse.
already in may had been at the veloecoustic open mic session in the black sheep (a cool individual pub in dublin) where we caught the four talented acts mariannes, rosco flanagan, carol faherty and ria czerniak:

we will defiantly return to one of the session of veloecoustic in the future and catch a few more cool acoustic sets.

david lemaitre – he will grab you by surprise

david lemaitre is one of the big surprises this year to hear from in the indie rock / indie folk genre. he originates from la paz (bolivia) and resides currently in berlin (germany). after having travelling around and taking in the music from around the world he found his own personal style which is extremely catchy and grabs you by surprise by the easy going smoothness. he has and is still heavily gigging thru out europe, on his section stretch of his european tour you will be able to catch him either in france, belgium, holland or germany. he is defiantly worthwhile to be checked out either live or his debut album:

empire of the sun – will they do it again?

who does not remember the synthpop song which ruled the charts during the summer 2008 from the australian duo. ‘we are the people’ kind of exploded on the charts and visually the video set a different kind of a standard.

now empire of the sun is back about to rock the charts even harder. their new track of their upcoming album has a tick more beat in it and would push the envelop even further. here in europe we have been waiting for the summer and with their song they are just paving the road towards the summery feeling with “alive”:

junip – folk rock with a flair of argentina

junip is a three piece folk / psychedelic rock band from sweden, who just have released their second ep. their front man is josé gonzález who brings a little of argentinean guitar into the nice easy going mix.

david fincher – still into music

david fincher is one of the well known directors in hollywood who has made his mark in the movies since alien 3. but well before that he had been making music video and has a massive collection reaching from the 80’s up until know. he is one of the directors who stayed true to the music video business after reaching his fame on the big screen though he does take his time to pop into the chair behind the camera, never the less we have selected an epic choice of 10 videos passing through the different kind of music genres:

justin timberlake ft. jay z
"suit & tie"

nine inch nails

a perfect circle

the wallflowers
"6th avenue heartache"

the rolling stones
"love is strong"

"bad girl"

michael jackson
"who is it"

george michael
"freedom! ’90"

billy idol
"cradle of love"

"englishman in new york"

maître gims – kicking it solo

the congo born rapper gandhi djuna, or better known by his stage name maître gims, is about to kick off his solo carrier with his upcoming solo album. his style is a kind of suttle french rap with his underlining power full voice. so we shall wait for his album and will be enjoying his single “j’me tire” in the mean time:

daft punk – mix of funk

the parisian duo are back with a great track mixing up the funk featuring pharrell williams on their single “get lucky” which had a nice beachy summery feel towards the song.

laura mvula – smooth jazz blended with soul

laura mvula is one of the voices to look out for from the british island, after being shortlisted at the 2013 brit awards and nominated for the bbc’s sound of 2013. she brings some new wind into the jazz and soul with her smooth voice and will be gathering friend and fans alike around her just to listen to her songs:

british sea power – going to the festival

the festival season is about to start for the summer 2013 and one of the bands to check out is defiantly british sea power. they are an english indie rock band from brighton and have just released sixth studio album “machineries of joy”:

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